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NOTE: This is an informational page only. Connect802 provides network analysis consulting services USING Wireshark and AirPcap but Connect802 does not resell or distribute CACE Technologies products. Please contact CACE Technologies directly with any AirPcap inquiries.

AirPcap Wi-Fi Analysis Adapter

AirPcap enhances your Wireshark packet-level protocol analyzer by letting
you capture full 802.11 data, management and control frames. With AirPcap
you get a complete 802.11 protocol analysis decode and
physical frame statistics (dBm RSSI, channel, etc.) Connect802 offers specialty dual-band antennas to allow 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz capture without swapping out your antennas.

Connect802 provides complete AirPcap Wireshark protocol analysis
consulting services to help you troubleshoot wireless network problems.
When you buy AirPcap from Connect802 you take advantage of our
Wireshark consulting and analysis expertise.


AirPcap Models


How AirPcap Adapters Operate

Multiple Channel Capture

When monitoring on a single channel is not enough, multiple AirPcap adapters can be plugged into your laptop or a USB hub and provide industry-leading capability for simultaneous multi-channel capture and traffic aggregation. The AirPcap driver provides support for this operation through CACE Multi-Channel Aggregator technology that exports capture streams from multiple AirPcap adapters as a single capture stream. The Multi-Channel Aggregator consists of a virtual interface that can be used from Wireshark or any other AirPcap-based application. Using this interface, the application will receive the traffic from all installed AirPcap adapters, as if it was coming from a single device. The Multi-Channel Aggregator can be configured like any AirPcap device, and therefore can have its own decryption, FCS checking, and packet filtering settings.

AirPcap Nx continues the tradition of the AirPcap Family by providing a USB-based and easy-to-deploy packet capture and injection solution for the Windows platform. This unique dual-band offering supports packet capture and injection for 802.11n, 802.11a/b/g legacy modes, and the 4.9 GHz US Public safety channels, all with full Wireshark® integration. It also features 2 x 2 MIMO with two internal antennas. In addition to the internal antennas, AirPcap Nx has two integrated MC-Card connectors for optional external antennas to enhance performance in the most demanding environments.

802.11n is an exciting new technology, but it introduces many potential problems due to its complexity and the need for compatibility with existing 802.11b, a, and g networks. With AirPcap Nx you get complete visibility into your 802.11a/b/g/n wireless networks. This includes general 802.11 information such as data, management, and control frames along with 802.11n-specific information such as HT information, aggregate MPDUs, and aggregate MSDUs.

The AirPcap adapter, together with the Wireshark Network Analyzer, gives you a detailed view of the 802.11 traffic, including control frames (ACK, RTS, CTS), management frames (Beacon, Probe requests and responses, Association/Disassociation, Authentication/Deauthentication) and data frames. The captured frames include the 802.11 Frame Check Sequence, and it's possible to capture frames with an invalid FCS to spot remote access points with a weak signal.

You will be able to specify the capture channel and see all the traffic it carries, even if the channel is shared by multiple access points. The AirPcap adapter can be configured with one or more WEP keys, so that you will have the option to see (and filter on) unencrypted traffic in Wireshark.

The AirPcap adapter captures per-packet power and rate information. This is useful for mapping your network, detecting weak signal areas, and measuring the transmission efficiency of the stations.