Connect802 is a nationwide wireless data equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Our engineering team has tackled some challenging technical issues and has put together engineering documentation that makes the issues clear. Connect802 Technical Literature is original wireless networking technical material written internally at Connect802. The BICSI News articles are reprints from Joe Bardwell's regular feature articles in the BICSI News magazine in 2007. The General Technical Literature section contains downloads of specifications, documentation and technical white papers that the Connect802 engineering team feels are relevant to the 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN RF engineer, IT specialist, WLAN decision maker, and anyone who is focused on wireless RF engineering as part of their career.


RF Engineering Perspective: "I'm Going To Let My Chauffeur Answer That"
Math and Physics for the 802.11 wireless LAN engineer. This is a highly technical (but very readable) paper detailing the principles of electromagnetism and RF signal propagation. The paper includes an overview of Maxwell's wave equations and a derivation of the Fresnel Zone formulae from a Pythagorean representation of out-of-phase multipath signal waveforms. The paper is intended for RF communication engineers and experienced WLAN designers who seek to understand the underlying physics behind 802.11 wireless network. Written by Joe Bardwell, Chief Scientist, Connect802 Corporation. Over 10,000 Downloads!

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Connect802 Technical Literature
802.11w Technical Brief - Encryption of Management Frames The Effect of Reflective Surfaces on Outdoor Wi-Fi Design
Comparing Consumer- and Commercial-Grade Equipment Understanding dBm, SNR, RSSI and other Wireless Metrics
PING Testing and Wireless LAN Packet and Spectrum Analyzers Mounting Guidelines for Outdoor Antennas
A Discussion of Graphical Protocol Analysis  
BICSI News Articles (by Joe Bardwell)
General Technical Literature
The Indiana University National CAD Standards U.S. D.O.T. Telecommunications Handbook
Alcatel Voice-over-IP Design Guide  
The deployment of Wi-Fi wireless networking is increasing and the need for in-depth RF engineering, Wi-Fi design, and 802.11 technical information is great. The Connect802 library of Wi-Fi wireless networking technical reports and Wi-Fi WLAN white papers is available for free download. When you're looking for a well written, technically accurate 802.11 white paper for RF engineering or design information, or other technology information about 802.11 wireless LAN's, Connect802's got you covered.