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Summer 2010

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Product Focus

Ruckus 7300 Series 802.11n Access Point

Now cost-minded enterprises have a sleek and low-profile purpose-built AP for delivering high-performance and reliable 802.11n wireless networking at the industry’s most affordable price point.


Ruckus 7300 Series
802.11n Access Point

 Technology and Engineering

MIMO For Point-To-Point Links

Traditionally, indoor environments have offered much more of a challenge to 802.11 network performance than outdoor, point-to-point links. Whereas indoor environments contain lots of obstacles that disrupt the signal as it propagates from AP to client and back, point-to-point links are usually specifically designed so that the line-of-sight is clear. This has meant that point-to-point links tended to come much closer to the maximum theoretical throughput of the technology in question (802.11b, g, or a).

It’s hardly bad news to suggest that, in many cases, 802.11n bridging may top out around 70 Mbps effective TCP throughput. This is still substantially better than 802.11a or 802.11g can offer. It should be understood, however, that point-to-point bridging does not play to 802.11n’s strengths (MIMIO), and that performance in point-to-point scenarios is unlikely to achieve the practical maximums that can occur in indoor environments.

On July 1 st, Starbucks will switch from paid to free Wi-Fi service in its outlets. This highlights a long-running trend away from Wi-Fi as an amenity to be purchased and towards it as a value-add to attract customers to other paid services. If you go back far enough, public Wi-Fi was almost unheard of, and the few hotels and convention centers that offered it were able to charge a real premium. As Wi-Fi became more ubiquitous, some chains started offering it for free, and the balance shifted. When nobody is offering Wi-Fi at all, people are happy to pay just to have it; but when lots of people are offering it for free, people resent having to pay at all.

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