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Spring 2010

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802.11 Secrets Revealed
A Half-Day Live Seminar
Mountain View, California
Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Product Focus

Developed for broadband operators looking to deliver reliable wireless broadband services, the ZoneFlex 7731 is the first smart Wi-Fi point-to-point backhaul system that delivers consistent performance at ranges up to 15 kilometers. Based on the 802.11n standard combined with a Ruckus’ smart directional antenna, the ZoneFlex 7731 supports up to 190 Mbps at 1.5 kilometers, and offers performance up to 50 Mbps at 10 km (LoS).

Please contact Connect802 Sales at 925.552.0802 to learn more about the Ruckus 7731 and other Ruckus products. We look forward to hearing from you!

Essential Wi-Fi

Overview of the new 802.3at Power-over-Ethernet Specifications
In the Fall 2009 issue, we discussed 802.3af, the IEEE standard that defines Power Over Ethernet (PoE). One of the limitations of 802.3af is that it can only provide up to about 15 W of power to each device. This limits the type of device that can be powered by 802.3af. It’s common for devices like 802.11n radios and motorized video cameras to require more power than 802.3af can provide. One solution to this problem has been proprietary, high-powered PoE technologies. These work, but have all the downsides that are usually associated with proprietary technologies. The standards-based solution is IEEE 802.3at, also known as PoE Plus.

802.3at has exciting implications for the way we power network equipment. Certainly, the ability to power increased-wattage equipment is the most obvious one, but as the power-handling capacity of PoE increases, the type of equipment that it can power expands. For example, imagine an Ethernet switch that was powered by PoE from an upstream switch. You could daisy-chain switches without needing to run a separate power line to the mid-line switch. Normally, if you need to run data longer than Ethernet’s 100 meter maximum, you consider fiber, but with PoE Plus, you might just stick an Ethernet switch in the middle and keep going! Additionally, some manufacturers are discussing the possibility of using PoE Plus as a power source to their devices even if those devices have no data connectivity needs. This might sound outlandish at first, but it’s already happening with USB: lots of devices that never hook up to a computer still use the standard USB format as a power source. PoE Plus might come act in a same role for devices that exceed USB’s 500 mW maximum.

 Technology and Engineering

To Infinity... and Beyond!

Joe Bardwell's Podcast Interview with Network World

4X4 MIMO Is Coming Soon
Although the 802.11n specifications were finalized in September 2009 it's only been recently that manufacturers have begun to announce 4X4 MIMO products. The Draft 2.0 802.11n standards, implemented by all 802.11n manufacturers today, support two spatial streams of simultaneous data ("2X2 MIMO"). 2X2 MIMO takes a 40 MHz 150 Mbps connection rate and doubles it to 300 Mbps. Although some manufacturers offer "3X3 MIMO" there are no notebook computers that can connect with more than two spatial streams so the "3X3" adds no speed advantage. 3X3 MIMO does, however, provide three alternative radios from which two spatial streams can be acquired - sort of "diversity antennas" for 802.11n.

A Google search for "4X4 MIMO" will reveal that some manufacturers are starting to offer a fourth radio with the capability of connecting using four spatial streams. That's what gets 802.11n to its maximum 600 Mbps connection rate. Unfortunately, until notebook computer, iPhones and other handheld devices support more than two spatial streams the benefits of 4X4 MIMO will be limited.

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