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Fall 2009

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Product Focus

Proxim MP.11 Series

Although 802.11 was not designed for long-distance operation, many vendors have successfully adapted the 802.11 physical and MAC layers to longer-distance point-to-point and point-to-multipoint application. That being said, there are some applications for which 802.11 is insufficient and the more robust WiMax (802.16) technology is perfect. These applications include voice (last-mile telephone service), multimedia (cable-TV replacement) and mobile roaming where low-latency handoff is required. Additionally, WiMax was designed from the start with QoS to support all of these applications over the same link.

Please contact Connect802 Sales at 925.552.0802 to learn more about the Proxim MP.11 series of WiMax radios. We look forward to hearing from you!

Essential Wi-Fi

 Technology and Engineering

802.11n Standard Ratified… Finally

After more than seven years of work, the IEEE has finally ratified the 802.11n standard. Although 802.11n devices have been available for years, they have been based on draft versions of the standard. There have been few, if any meaningful changes between the draft standard and the final one, but it’s still a relief to finally put 802.11n to bed and, of course, get to work on the next, newest, fastest standard that will eventually replace it.

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