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December 1, 2006


Essential Wi-Fi:
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Essential Wi-Fi

Who’s Stealing Your Wi-Fi Bandwidth?

“Effective throughput” refers to the amount of data that a user perceives that he or she is able to transmit in a given amount of time. If the user sends a 10 MB (Megabyte) file across the network, and it takes 8 seconds, that equates to an effective throughput of 10 Mbps (Megabits per second). That number is calculated by converting 10 Mbytes to 80 Mbits and then dividing by 8 seconds.

Technology and Engineering

Dealing With 802.11 Network Overhead

Interframe spacing (IFS) refers to a mandatory period of silence that occurs between each frame on an 802.11 network. The purpose of IFS is, most fundamentally, to allow stations to realize that an incoming packet has ended. Without a period of silence between each packet, two packets might “run together,” and stations might misinterpret them as a single large packet, resulting in data corruption. IFS serves the additional purpose of prioritizing certain types of traffic on the network. Packets that require immediate transmission, such as 802.11 acknowledgements, use a shorter IFS value than packets that don’t’ require immediate transmission. This means that higher-priority packets are guaranteed to get access to the network when they want it. Lower-priority packets have to wait.

Ask the Expert

Frequency = 5 GHz + (5 MHz * Channel Number)

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