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July 1, 2006


Essential Wi-Fi:
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Essential Wi-Fi

 Technology and Engineering

Some of the content in this month’s article is similar to some content in Wikipedia’s entry on 802.11. This is because the author of this article (Joshua Bardwell) is also the author of the relevant sections of the Wikipedia article.

Ask the Expert

To Infinity... and Beyond!

802.11n Further Delayed

“Will WiMAX (802.16) replace Wi-Fi (802.11),” is one of the most common questions that comes up when discussing the two technologies. At Connect802, our answer is that the two technologies each fill different niches and have different limitations. While there may be some areas where their application overlaps and they compete, generally, we expect that their applications will not overlap, and the two technologies will co-exist peacefully, without one pushing out the other. This article is an editorial from an author that echoes Connect802’s conclusions and delves deeper into some of the reasons that support those conclusions.


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