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March 1, 2005

Essential Wi-Fi:
For those who are new to Wi-Fi networking...
Technology and Engineering:
For the engineer and Wi-Fi network administrator...
To Infinity... and Beyond!
News from the wireless marketplace...
Wi-Fi inside an Aircraft, WAPI in China, 80 MPH Wi-Fi ,
Welcome to Network Orange
Network Orange, Inc. has joined the Connect802 family of nationwide resellers. They provide sales, service, and support in the South East and
Mid South regions as well as in Virginia.

Essential Wi-Fi

Technology and Engineering

  • The strength of the authentication method (e.g. CHAP-style password exchange vs. SSL certificates).
  • The management overhead (e.g. installing SSL certificates on all clients is a hassle).
  • Whether mutual authentication is supported, protecting from "rogue" servers.

To Infinity... and Beyond!

China's WAPI Security Standard Downgraded by ISO

Although network administrators outside of China are probably not aware of it, China created the Wireless Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure (WAPI) as an alternative to 802.11's other authentication methods. We have discussed many different methods of securing 802.11, but what makes WAPI different is
that the Chinese government considered making WAPI the only 802.11 encryption and authentication technology that was legal to use in China.  802.11 vendors outside of China protested this decision on two grounds: first, on a practical basis, WAPI would break the worldwide standardization that has made 802.11 so cheap and popular; second, on a philosophical basis, it was widely believed that the Chinese government had built back doors into or knew how to break WAPI, compromising the security that it was supposed to provide.

China was persuaded not to make WAPI mandatory, but responded with a fast-track proposal to the ISO to make WAPI an international standard.  After some debate over whether to make WAPI an optional part of the 802.11 standard, the ISO removed WAPI from the standards fast-track, delaying its ratification indefinitely and leaving 802.11i as the eminent 802.11 security solution.

VoIP Over Wi-Fi Demonstrated At 80 MPH Plus

Martyn Levy of RoamAD claims to have tested Voice over Wi-Fi multi-party conference calls at speeds of over 80 MPH.  Although 802.11 is not intended for situations where the user is moving at a high speed relative to the access point (speeds greater than about 35 MPH), this test, if successful, demonstrates that 802.11 can be viable in situations that had previously been considered to be the domain of mobile technologies like 3G and 802.16.  This is exciting because it narrows the gap between these technologies.  Although 3G excels at mobile communications and wide-spread coverage, its data rates are still at least 1/10 those of 802.11 even in the best of circumstances.  802.16 is still largely vaporware, and when it comes to market, it will certainly be more expensive than 802.11.  This finding, if confirmed, reinforces Connect802's belief that 802.11 can be used not only in typical corporate installations, but also in large-scale urban environments and even in some mobile installations.

Welcome to our newest channel sales partner: Network Orange !

The purpose for the network was to provide connectivity for maintenance workers who might be inside the fuel tanks or deep in the interior of a wing, performing a repair or inspection task. We came through with those proverbial flying colors - when the on-site validation of signal levels exactly met our predictions.