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February 1, 2005

Essential Wi-Fi:
For those who are new to Wi-Fi networking...
Technology and Engineering:
For the engineer and Wi-Fi network administrator...
To Infinity... and Beyond!
News from the wireless marketplace...

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Essential Wi-Fi

WPA greatly increased the security of 802.11 networks and is currently the strongest encryption and security method that is widely available. But WPA is still not as strong as the full 802.11i standard. For example, in order to retain compatibility with existing hardware, WPA continued to use the relatively-weak RC4 encryption that was specified by WEP. 802.11i uses the much-stronger AES encryption, but pre-802.11i hardware didn't have enough processor power to handle AES encryption.

Technology and Engineering

dBLoss = 96.6 + 20 Log10 (distance in miles) + 20 Log10 (frequency in GHz)