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Firewall Appliances To Meet the Most Demanding Wireless LAN Security Requirements

When you need to augment your 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN security a stateful packet inspection firewall router appliance will make your wireless LAN as safe as your wired network. Secure wireless is a reality - you can have as much security as you want!

Don't buy WatchGuard firewalls on-line - buy WatchGuard firewall appliances as part of your Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle for your 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN from Connect802 to Take Advantage of our Wi-Fi Design and Consulting Experience

For over a decade, WatchGuard® has provided reliable, easy-to-manage firewall and VPN appliances to hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. Wireless LAN routers and centralized management controllers often provide their own internal firewall features. When your design doesn't include a centralized management appliance with the firewall security and stateful packet inspection features you need, a stand-alone firewall router appliance will serve as your central point for securing your 802.11 WLAN.

Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Watchguard Firewall Value Proposition

Why you will choose Watchguard firewall appliances:
True ZERO DAY protection (others claim it, WatchGuard has it)
  • WatchGuard offers true zero day protection right out of the box through an intelligent layered security architecture
  • Others rely on signature-based protection, a reactive way to provide security that leaves networks exposed to new threats until a signature is developed and deployed

Powerful Application Proxy vs. Packet Filter Inspection

  • WatchGuard application proxy technology inspects all 7 layers of data communication to instantly block offending data from each layer for far greater protection
  • Packet filter technology inspects only 4 data communication layers (see OSI model below) leaving 3 layers of data communication that are NOT inspected
Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solutions (best-in-class unified threat management)
  • Integrated security capabilities boost protection in critical attack areas
  • ebBlocker - URL content filtering
  • Gateway AV/IPS - powerful anti-virus, anti-spyware, and intrusion prevention, spamBlocker - with full-featured spam quarantine
  • All security features are centrally managed for genuine ease of use, with real-time monitoring, logging, and reporting
Deluxe Customer Care with LiveSecurity® Service

Provides high-value, innovative support services to IT administrators, including:

  • Hardware warranty with advance hardware replacement
  • Technical support with a four-hour targeted response time
  • Software updates that cover feature enhancements and new capabilities
  • Concise threat alerts with clear instructions on how to reduce or eliminate new threats and direct links to patches to save time
  • Ground-breaking education resources including videos, podcasts, and handy security training modules

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How you will decide that WatchGuard firewall appliances provide the best solution:

When your Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle design does not include a centralized wireless LAN controller but you still need sophisticated, best-of-breed security - that's when a WatchGuard firewall becomes part of the design. WatchGuard has the right level of advanced security features for wireless LAN integration and enters the design at an attractive price point. The key deciding factor in favor of a WatchGuard firewall appliance for your Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle design will be the need for advanced security or other related features and the absence of a centralized controller that would otherwise provide those features.

Where you will see the greatest value with WatchGuard firewalls:

The WatchGuard firewall line easily integrates into your 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN environment. The value of a firewall is measured by its ability to provide proper security for your network. WatchGuard is an industry leader in firewall technology and, for over 10 years, has been trusted to provide secure networking for companies around the world. When you need WLAN firewall protection, WatchGuard provides the security value.

When you are ready to buy WatchGuard firewall appliance solution:

When a firewall appliance is specified by Connect802 for integration into your Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle you'll receive complete product specifications as part of the project. If you're interested in purchasing WatchGuard equipment for integration into your own design, please contact your Connect802 sales representative to discuss models, options, and pricing.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
WatchGuard Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall Appliance Equipment and Software Details

Protecting networks from complex, multifaceted Internet threats can be challenging and expensive, especially when attempting to integrate multiple single-point solutions. The Firebox X Series is the ideal all-in-one security solution designed for comprehensive protection. It provides complete multi-layered, proactive defense from malicious web based and email exploits including spam, spyware, viruses, trojans, and blended threats. Flexible networking features allow you to prioritize and manage traffic and bandwidth for maximum efficiency. Fully integrated,coordinated security capabilities reduce IT costs and complexity for network administrators, while an intuitive user interface streamlines configuration and ongoing security management. Firebox X Series firewall appliances include Watchguard's award-winning LiveSecurity Service, the best support and maintenance offering in the industry.

Connect802 normally integrates the Watchguard Firebox Edge firewall appliance series into Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundles when a central wireless LAN controller is not being used. WatchGuard offers a full line of enterprise-class firewall appliances that can meet the wireless and wired network requirements for small- to medium-sized business. Contact your Connect802 sales representative for information about the Firebox Edge series and other WatchGuard firewall products.


Ideal for branch offices and single-location businesses requiring an affordable, reliable wireless appliance capable of fully integrated unified threat management and no user limits. The X-Edge Series is integrated into Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundles when full firewall functionality is required and is not otherwise provided by a centralized wireless LAN switch controller.  

  • 6 @ 10/100 Ethernet Ports
  • Firewall Throughput: 100 Mbps
  • Built-In Captive Portal Visitor Access Gateway
  • DHCP Server and NAT (Static / Dynamic / One-to-One)
  • Traffic Management / QoS
  • Voip (SIP and H.323) Support
  • Policy-Based Routing
  • VLAN tagging
  • VPN Termination
  • User Authentication with Transparent Windows Authentication
  • Anti-Spyware / Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus / LiveSecurity® Service

With optional built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi

  • WEP and WPA encryption with RADIUS support
  • 802.11b/g with 200 Authenticated Users
  • Full firewall protection for users connecting through external stand-alone "FAT" access points (any brand)

A Wide Selection of Firewall Appliances

Watchguard offers advanced firewall appliances to meet the security needs of small-, medium-, and large-scale business networks. Connect802 will work with you to determine the exact firewall security features you need and make sure you're getting the right products at the right price.

At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

Targeted Discussion and Specifications For The WatchGuard Firewall Appliance

You'll find numerous Web references and reviews of firewall appliances. Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how a WatchGuard firewall solution can be implemented to meet your requirements for a secure, easy-to-manage wireless LAN system.

Computer security threats jeopardize your data as well as your ability to comply with corporate governance privacy regulations. Software firewall products are vulnerable to hacking, as is any software code. Firewall security products, such as firewall routers and firewall servers, are the key to securing your data especially as your company becomes more dispersed with multiple locations and remote devices.

When buying and deploying firewall hardware, consider the following:

1. Deploying firewall hardware to protect all points of access.
2. Using firewall routers as an integrated solution.
3. Understanding the pros and cons of firewall servers.
4. Using firewall security products and consultants.

WatchGuard’s Firebox X series targets the small-to-medium size business (SMB). It provides a feature set comparable to more expensive firewalls from other major manufacturers. Capabilities include extra-strength network protection, application layer security, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention. The Firebox provides central management of remote office and remote user VPNs, spam blocking, URL filtering.

The Firebox X line is designed with enterprise-class features. Aliases allow the network administrator to define all traffic that meets specific criteria, such as all traffic on a particular Ethernet port or on a specific TCP/IP port number. Groups make it easy to apply security policies to a broad range of users, and the management console manages multiple units on the local network or at remote sites.

The firewall supports remote logging on a log server, which consolidates logs from multiple Fireboxes. Authentication is provided by the Firebox via a Windows NT domain or a RADIUS server.

Strong security is enabled by default, so the network administrator must create exceptions for any service the network administrator wants to allow through, including HTTP, FTP, and SMTP. This provides the highest possible level of security but may prove confusing for less-experienced administrators.

WatchGuard also offers LiveSecurity Informer, an e-mail and RSS service that provides security information intended for SMB administrators who must receive important security notices without being inundated by a massive flow of software-patch notices. It’s a nice way to get useful information, and something not many vendors are doing. LiveSecurity Informer is also available separately as a subscription-based product for users of other firewalls.

The Firebox X offers a lot of functionality, with enterprise-class features such as centralized administration of remote offices, a capable policy engine with groups, and a built-in authentication server.

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