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Connect802 can help you with your comparison of ValuePoint HotSpot Gateways, Access Controllers, ValuePoint Access Points and Mesh Access Points when you're planning to buy ValuePoint Wi-Fi wireless network equipment.

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ValuePoint Networks makes high powered Wi-Fi gear and gateway controllers, used in hotels, industrial applications, outdoor, municipalities. ValuePoint rugged Access Point / Bridges and gateway controllers can provide a branded user experience with authenticated client access and user bandwidth limitations. ValuePoint offers on-demand drop shipping and direct technical support.

Founded in 2002 to develop products designed specifically for hotspots and other public access venues, ValuePoint has has expanded into other markets as well, such as industrial, WISP, MTU/MDU, and municipalities.

With Rugged Access Points and Advanced Gateway Controllers, shipping since early 2003, ValuePoint Networks' products are deployed today for applications including:

  • Hotel Wi-Fi systems
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi mesh networks for marinas and RV parks
  • Visitor access in shopping malls
  • Tenant Wi-Fi and subscription access in MTUs (multi-tenant units) and MDUs (multiple-dwelling units)

ValuePoint offers the SuperAP, MultiAP, SuperMesh, and Gateway Controller products.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
ValuePoint Networks Gateway Controller, Rugged Mesh, Dual SuperMesh, and Access Point
Equipment and Software Details

Connect802 has the expertise you need to design and implement a public access, guest or visitor access, or subscription Wi-Fi network system. We can help you compare and contrast features for HotSpot Gateways, Visitor Access Controllers, and the access points or mesh routers that you'll use to build-out your hardware infrastructure

ValuePoint Networks serves the needs of service providers deploying public access Wi-Fi and similar systems where many users are required to login to the network and where they may have to either pay (subscription services) or be specifically granted a userid and password for access without any configuration changes to their computer.


ValuePoint HotSpot Gateway Controllers

ValuePoint Gateway Controllers are designed with the service provider in mind. Because we offer a flexible array of features and configurations, we don't force your business model to fit our box. ValuePoint solutions may fit your business model whether you are installing networks at hotels, restaurants, marinas, MTUs, or downtown areas.

Dynamic VPN provisioning automatically handles VPN clients at hotels and other public-access venues. This solves the problem VPN pass-through does not address, reducing your support calls dramatically.

ValuePoint Enterprise VLAN Controllers are designed for guest and visitor access to Enterprise Networks. This includes corporations, government, hospitals, universities, and other large networks that need you to provide limited internet and E-mail access to their guests and partners.

  • RADIUS / 802.1x support and/or 512 local user accounts with a self-generated login screen
    (so no external web services are mandated for captive portal, DNS redirection login).
  • Walled garden support with SMTP redirection and URL passthrough
  • NAT gateway with PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP pass-through PLUS DHCP (client and server)
  • SSH encrypted secure configuration interface with Web-based management
  • Automatic capability for time-limited access (guest can access network without login for a preset amount of time).

ValuePoint Enterprise Access Controller

The ValuePoint Enterprise Access Controller 5000 offers efficient, flexible, and secure connectivity for guests and visitors into Enterprise and SMB networks. This includes corporations, government, hospitals, universities and other large existing networks. The controller supports 32 VLANs and 6 User Groups each with their own unique access, routing, bandwidth and security policies. The EC-5000 will adjust to any foreseeable subscriber configuration, and adapt to support that subscriber automatically and transparently. Subscriber access can be authenticated via local user database, RADIUS, POP3, LDAP or Windows Domain Server Authentication. The EC-5000 has a high performance IXP processor and hardware based encryption, supporting up to 400 concurrent users and 90 Mbps of total throughput.


ValuePoint SuperMesh Mesh Router Access Point

The SuperMesh 8000 product family, available in both single and dual mesh, is the highest power mesh available at an affordable price. Combine this with ValuePoint high power access points, and you can truly light up more for less. In addition, the mesh creates a self-configuring and self-healing Ethernet mesh network over the 5 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz or 900 Mhz spectrums for clear channel backhaul as well as superior coverage. The 8200 is a “third generation” mesh, where multiple non-interfering radios are used to create a clear pathway to every point in the mesh. When correctly provisioned, the maximum 802.11 transmission rate of 54Mbps is maintained from end to end.
The 5 Ghz model affords you a clear channel when your Wi-Fi client channels become too crowded, while the 2.4GHz model offers superior coverage when channel congestion is not an issue. The SuperMesh's low latency of 1ms and high throughput of 25 Mbps is ideal for high bandwidth applications.
ValuePoint cost effective pricing model allows you to enjoy the advantages of mesh in applications where it previously had been ruled out, due to the exorbitant cost of other vendors' gear. This includes hospitality, industrial, MTU/MDU, municipal, WISP, and Enterprise deployments.

The ValuePoint SuperMesh™ 8000 creates a self-configuring and self-healing Ethernet mesh network over the 5 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz, or 900 MHz spectrums. The SuperMesh 8000 is a high-powered 600mWatt outdoor router with weatherized Ethernet and power-out connectors for co-locating client Access Points, security devices, or other network hardware on the pole. Pole mount kits are available.  A single PoE connection powers both devices. Multiple SuperMeshs automatically create a wireless network that is reliable, efficient, and responsive to environmental changes, reducing support calls and onsite visits.

ValuePoint SuperAP High-Power Access Point

In order to provide coverage across wide geographic locations such as hotels, apartment buildings, airports, marinas, and other locations whether indoor or outdoor, ValuePoint customers are deploying distributed networks with ValuePoint 802.11b/g AP/Bridges and 900 MHz NLOS Bridges designed for the most rugged applications. ValuePoint SuperAP® line is truly in a class by itself. We provide everything you need at an affordable price, while not compromising durability or quality. Each SuperAP model comes with IEEE standard 802.3af Power over Ethernet, 300, 500 mW, 1 Watt, & 2 Watt transmit power, N-style antenna connectors or integrated antennas, with advanced features including RADIUS, 802.1x, DHCP, Wireless Distribution System (WDS), SNMP, and more. ValuePoint Networks positions you with the products that grow and scale for any type of venue.


ValuePoint CPE

ValuePoint Networks SuperCPE is designed for long range communications from a customer premises location to an access point. It has an adjustable 500 mW radio output, and an entirely enclosed 12 dBi Flat Panel Antenna. It runs in client mode and has a built in NAT server to support multiple devices behind the client. This unit is packaged in an outdoor rated compact form factor.  

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Targeted Discussion and Specifications
For ValuePoint Networks

You'll find numerous Web references and reviews of ValuePoint access points and gateway controllers. Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on ValuePoint solutions.
It's an accepted axiom that one should always use the right tool for the job and wireless networks are no exception. While all WLANs function according to the same basic principles, the specific requirements and priorities may change depending on the location and purpose of the network being deployed.

The ValuePoint Networks SuperAP 500 is geared for use in outdoor public venues like hotspots, and aims to bridge the gap between lower-end WLAN products designed for residences or small offices and enterprise-level devices intended for corporate environments.

For example, the SOHO class of products, while capable, may impose limitations in terms of power output or antenna choices. Conversely, an enterprise access point (AP) may be more flexible and capable, but often adds many unnecessary features which can add to the cost and administrative complexity of the product.

In contrast, the Intersil PRISM-based SuperAP does a good job of providing the features, power, and flexibility that's well suited for public WLAN deployment scenarios without bogging down with superfluous items.

Physically, SuperAP 500 is simple and functional. Its chassis is a plain rectangular hardened plastic box, colored the beige of PCs of yore.

An antenna is not included but a standard N connector will accommodate a variety of high-gain omni directional or directional antennas. Valuepoint also offers a number of antennas with the SuperAP 500. Another variant is available with dual radios-- the second transmitter can either be used as a bridge or repeater or to boost the client capacity of the unit. All models provide Power over Ethernet (define) capability.

The SuperAP's browser-based configuration doesn't offer a setup wizard or a slick interface with polished graphics -- indeed, it's crude by the standards of a D-Link, Netgear, or Proxim. Still, the interface is for the most part clear and easily navigable. It consists of a mere six main category headings and perhaps a dozen underlying configuration screens. (You can also configure the unit via command-line through Telnet or direct serial connection).

Despite the spartan configuration interface, the SuperAP offers a compliment of wireless features that will satisfy the requirements of some public access scenarios. Wireless configuration settings include data rate, transmit power, and regulatory domain selection.

The single radio version operates as an access point or can perform point-to-point or point-to-multipoint bridging via WDS. Power output of the unit is very high at 200 mW, and there are five configurable transmit power levels offered.

In the area of security, two-level WEP support is of course provided, as is access control via MAC address filtering. To minimize data entry, a pre-defined list of addresses can be downloaded to the unit via TFTP, and the specified addresses can be either included or excluded from the network.

This won't be an issue for everyone but the SuperAP doesn't offer local RADIUS, so you can't define user accounts on the device and thereby have a self-contained authentication system -- you'll still have to use an external authentication server.

The unit offers full network traffic filtering capabilities. You can do so traffic by Ethernet frame type and IP Protocol number as well as TCP and UDP port numbers. There are only five fields provided for each, but they should prove sufficient in a low-restriction environment typical of a public venue.

  • Best Western
  • Choice Hotels
  • Hilton Family - Hampton Inn
  • Hilton Family - Hilton
  • Holiday Inn
  • Marriott/Select Brand
  • Ramada Inn
  • Starwood Hotels