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Making The Connection
A poem by Joseph Bardwell (1999)

Humorous Request For Comment (RFC) Documents
These are official RFC documents maintained by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
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Service Access Point Identifiers
The SAP identifier is used in the header of both IEEE 802.3 Ethernet frames as well as 802.11 MAC frames. The most common use for SAP today is to simply provide a way to carry the original Version 2 Ethernet frame format inside a newer frame type. This makes use of SAP=0xAA (hex value "AA"). Occasionally other SAP values appear when an engineer is using a network protocol analyzer tool. This list is provided for their convenience, since a complete list of SAP values is often hard to obtain (because they've been in such disuse for so many years).

00 Null LSAP
02 Individual LLC Sublayer Management Function
03 Group LLC Sublayer Management Function
04 IBM SNA Path Control (individual)
05 IBM SNA Path Control (group)
06 ARPANET Internet Protocol (IP)
08 SNA
0E PROWAY (IEC955) Network Management & Initialization
18 Texas Instruments
42 IEEE 802.1 Bridge Spanning Tree Protocol
4E EIA RS-511 Manufacturing Message Service
7E ISO 8208 (X.25 over IEEE 802.2 Type 2 LLC)
80 Xerox Network Systems (XNS)
86 Nestar
8E PROWAY (IEC 955) Active Station List Maintenance
98 ARPANET Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
AA SubNetwork Access Protocol (SNAP)
E0 Novell NetWare
F4 IBM LAN Management (individual)
F5 IBM LAN Management (group)
F8 IBM Remote Program Load (RPL)
FA Ungermann-Bass
FE ISO Network Layer Protocol
FF Global LSAP

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