Connect802 is a nationwide wireless LAN equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Value-Added Trapeze Networks Reseller?

Let Connect802 discuss your Trapeze Networks Ringmaster and Mobility System requirements with you to help you compare and contrast your alternatives.

Although Connect802 is not a certified Trapeze Networks value added reseller or authorized resale partner you can still buy Trapeze Networks design and consulting services from Connect802 to Take Advantage of our Wi-Fi Design and Consulting Experience

Trapeze Networks provides all the components required to deploy a NonStop Wireless LAN for any size enterprise. The solution includes Mobility System Software, a full line of Mobility Exchange controllers, and Mobility Point access points, as well as the award winning RingMaster wireless management suite.

Aruba Networks and Trapeze Networks wireless LAN switch systems present potentially difficult choices when compared one to the other. The clear choice between a Trapeze Networks Wi-Fi solution and an Aruba Networks Wi-Fi solution will be made based on a detailed assessment of your application and end-user community requirements and a careful mapping of those requirements to the features and capabilities of the Trapeze Networks Smart Mobile™ wireless LAN switch and the Aruba Networks Mobility System.

Let Connect802 discuss the differences and help you compare and contrast these options along with those 802.11 wireless LAN switch systems and centralized Wi-Fi management systems available from Cisco Systems, Motorola (Symbol), and other manufacturers. If you buy Trapeze Networks equipment from your local authorized value-added Trapeze Networks reseller or you buy Cisco Wi-Fi from your authorized Cisco resale partner, or you purchase somebody else's Wi-Fi solution without carefully comparing and contrasting the features and capabilities of the system your going to find that your opportunity for a successful outcome is reduced.

RingMaster® software, Trapeze Networks’ award-winning WLAN management suite, enables full lifecycle management of Trapeze Smart Mobile™ wireless networks. RingMaster 7.0 now supports 802.11n and enables network managers to perform all critical functions necessary for planning, configuring, deploying, monitoring, and optimizing their business Wi-Fi networks.
At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered! Targeted Discussion Regarding Trapeze Networks Wireless LAN Switch Systems

You'll find numerous Web references and reviews for Trapeze Networks. Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective.
The in-building and campus-wide wiring infrastructure is carefully planned (hopefully!) and tightly managed. This is why the term structured wiring is applied to the overall wiring system and the associated Ethernet switches and routers. The RingMaster system, in conjunction with the Trapeze Mobility Exchange wireless network management and control software allows network managers to treat the wireless clients as part of the overall structure of the system. The term is "structured air". The Trapeze RingMaster tool suite provides extensive planning and management of third-party AP's. Using the Trapeze RingMaster tool with the Mobility Exchange and Mobility point architecture allows the network support staff to quickly realize when a network problem or intrusion attempt has occurred. Wireless LAN switches are represented by several manufacturers. Unlike the Aruba and Airespace wireless LAN switch systems, the Trapeze Enterprise Mobility system focuses on ease of deployment, a key issue for the Enterprise. Under the umbrella of Educational Services, Connect802 can provide complete on-site or web-based training programs for system administrators and network managers.
Wireless lans have real issues with security and performance, and with letting users move seamlessly across various portions of the network. Fortunately, there are wireless switches such as Aruba Wireless Networks’ Aruba 5000 and Trapeze Networks’ Trapeze Mobility System, which are capable of resolving many of the issues that have kept CTOs from approving wireless networks.

Both products provide security that will reassure most senior IT managers, tools to fine-tune performance, and a combination of authentication and mobility features that allow users to go from office to conference room to cafeteria while continuing their mission-critical chat session.

No one could mistake one of these solutions for the other. Aruba marries security and QoS features in a system that can be fine-tuned for virtually any set of circumstances, though setting up the finely tuned system can be tedious. Trapeze features a network planning tool that does a solid (and realistic) job of planning coverage areas and generating action statements. It offers roaming between subnets that is almost invisible to users, though some security notification features

are lacking. The question for prospective purchasers is, What is my biggest wireless networking problem?


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