Connect802 is a nationwide wireless network equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Enterprise-Class Performance and Security Monitoring and Reporting

EZ Suite Vision features give you visibility into the operation of your wireless network system with advanced wireless LAN monitoring and reporting capabilities.

When you implement EZ Suite Vision features in your Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle you can get a single web-based console to discover, configure and monitor your entire wireless network. With the click of a button you can see both real-time data and trend reports for every user, device, and segment of your network. In addition to unparalleled network monitoring you get consolidation of the core management functionality you need to support even the largest wireless networks with tens of thousands of users: network discovery, configuration management, reporting, alerting, auditing, and more.

Identify, Verify, Report, Act

Sophisticated Control and Management for Your Distributed Network


Important Considerations For Your Suite Vision Capabilities

The Connect802 sales and engineering team will want to understand your requirements for advanced monitoring, reporting and centralized management of a large scale system. The following encryption and authentication questions should be considered.

Do you have regulatory compliance reporting requirements such as HIPAA, SOX or FIPS? Connect EZ Suite Vision capabilities can provide you with complete compliance reporting statistics and monitoring information.
Do you have multiple wireless LAN controllers at different sites that are geographically distributed? If so, advanced centralized management will provide an "umbrella" over the top of each sites individual wireless LAN controller.
Do you have requirements for Real Time Location Services (RTLS)? RTLS is applicable to the tracking of equipment and wireless users. In this regard, a RTLS overlay on your wireless LAN can isolate the location of hackers or intruders as well as the physical location of rogue access points. Locations are presented on a floorplan display.
Do you have a helpdesk with responsibilities for assessing network conditions and providing support to the wireless LAN? Connect EZ Suite Vision capabilities give your helpdesk support team a window into what's happening on the wireless LAN.
Do you have Service Level Agreements or set levels of performance expectations that need to be monitored? Connect EZ Suite Vision capabilities allow the implementation of color-coded alerts to call attention to users or devices that have active alerts.