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Data Privacy, Encryption and Authentication Capable of Meeting Federal Government and Department of Defense Guidelines

Advanced security options up to and including Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliance levels

Important Considerations For Your Suite Shield Capabilities

The Connect802 sales and engineering team will want to understand your requirements for data encryption and user authentication. The following encryption and authentication questions should be considered.

Do the Wi-Fi client devices (notebook computers, handheld scanners, surveillance cameras, etc). have any limitations on the type of data encryption they support? (WEP, WPA, WPA2)
Will encryption keys be provided to the users or is there an expectation that keys will be sent to mobile devices automatically from a central key server?
Will userids and passwords be created specifically for the wireless LAN or will user credentials be taken from an existing database (i.e. Microsoft Server with LDAP, Unix with Kerberos, etc).
Do you currently implement an in-house RADIUS server?
Will users be required to access the wireless LAN through a secure VPN (or other) tunneling protocol? If so, are they already doing this across the wired network infrastructure?