Connect802 is a nationwide wireless equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Professional RF Engineering Design and Consulting Services for Wireless Data Networks

Connect802 provides complete Wi-Fi consulting services including Wi-Fi network design, installation and support services. We bring a full range of RF engineering services to measure, test, and confirm the signal propagation, noise and interference characteristics of your environment.

In conjunction with our Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design 3-Dimensional RF CAD Modeling and Simulation design methods, our on-site RF spectrum analysis and coverage survey services provide you with maximum assurance that your wireless network will work properly.


Connect802 is a professional and experienced service provider. Our experienced engineering team supports your wireless network with professional wireless network design services, equipment configuration and staging, installation planning and truck rolls from over 200 locations nationwide plus full on-site, pre- and post-installation site survey, RF spectrum analysis, and performance verification services.

NO CIRCLES! - Don't Draw Circles on a Floorplan to Create a Wi-Fi Design

This page outlines Connect802 technical support engineering services to support every stage of the wireless network lifecycle, including:

  • Our RF CAD design team creates accurate virtual models of your site to develop a design that takes the entire network system into consideration and not just one test access point being moved around by an on-site engineer in a conventional Wi-Fi 802.11 on-site survey design.
  • Our experienced RF engineering team brings professional consulting services to your project with a depth and breadth of experience that is the best in the industry. Our wireless consulting services include certified IT service professionals with experience and expertise beyond the wireless network and into the realm of TCP/IP networking and security capability assessment.
  • A full range of technical support services are available throughout the entire project lifecycle: a wireless LAN configuration service that provides configuration and staging of equipment prior to shipment, our unique Connection Coach Guide to help your IT team bring the system up, on-site installation services nationwide, and complete post-installation support.
  • Wi-Fi network support for visitor access gateways, firewalls, 802.1x RADIUS support, 802.11 authentication with LDAP and Active Directory integration, VLAN configuration and the complete list of challenges that are encountered when a new data communications system is integrated with an existing wired network infrastructure.
  • On-call technical assistance when you have a question or problem (business hours in California; some 24X7 support options available).
  • Unmatched, personalized wireless network tech support - personalized because Connect802 provided the initial design and the on-site spectrum analysis services so we know the network.
  • Integrated wireless network professional services that include physical site assessment services to address aesthetic or regulatory concerns and to create detailed installation plans, complete customer education services to help you understand how to manage and control your new system and ad hoc consulting to meet any special concerns or issues that may arise.
  • Connect802 offers various wireless network support packages with options and price points to meet your needs.
In-Building Wireless Network Design - The Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design  

Give us your floorplans and we'll create a complete wireless network system design. We call this a Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design and it's either included as part of a Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle product and service bundle or provided as a stand-alone design service for any manufacturer's wireless network equipment.

Only Connect802 can provide you with a Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design design report. You'll be able to learn about the 3-dimensional design method, view sample video clips detailing the design process, and download sample design report for your review. When you're ready to get a price quote on a project, you'll simply follow the simple steps to use our on-line file submission system to upload your floorplans.

RF Spectrum Analysis and On-Site Site Survey Consulting  

Certified 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN consulting including a number of special services that have been quantified by Connect802 to formalize the Statement of Work associated with a wireless consulting project.

  • Design Calibration
  • RF Spectrum Analysis
  • Physical Site Assessment and Installation Planning
  • Post-Installation Verification
  • Real-Time Application Throughput Testing
  • Gap Analysis and Remediation
  • Expanded Engineering Enhancements
  • Wireless Network Security and Capacity Planning
  • Integration With Legacy Wired Ethernet Network Consulting
Post-Installation Site Verification Services  

After your wireless network is installed, Post-Installation Site Verification provides documented assurance that RF coverage throughout your site meets the project specifications.

Connect802's predictive RF CAD modeling and simulation, used to create a system design, is highly accurate and, for many sites, anomalies will be identified if they're noticed by the user community. On the other hand, many applications demand a formalized confirmation of the RF coverage. This applies to hospitals, manufacturing and production facilities, or any location where system performance must be tested and documented. Post-Installation Site Verification Services meet this demand.

Connect EZ Technical Support Services  

Connect802 provides a number of technical support services to both accompany our turnkey wireless LAN system from Connect802 product and service bundles and to make paid support available for troubleshooting and problem resolution even if equipment or design wasn't purchased from Connect802.

Only Connect802 provides Connection Coach Services™, a unique guidebook included in our Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle bundles that guides in-house IT staffers through the process of installing and bringing up wireless LAN equipment that has been completely pre-configured through our Configuration and Staging Service. Our Technical Support services extend to remote network monitoring and an established suite of specialized major account support offerings.

Consultative Training and Customer Education  

Connect802 can provide you with RF and network engineers who aren't just excellent technologists, they're able to communicate their knowledge as well. In addition to public programs, customized technical training seminars and webinars, we offer a unique educational experience we call Consultative Training.

Find out about how Connect802's commitment to excellence carries over into our customer education and training programs.

Metro-Area and Outdoor Campus-Wide Wi-Fi Design  

Whether you're connecting buildings together on a corporate or educational campus or providing public access, law enforcement, or emergency services connectivity in your community or large geographic area, Connect802 has the resources and experience to get the job done right the first time, in-budget, and in-spec.

We provide the design services, the outdoor wireless mesh and wireless bridge equipment, ruggedized access points for client connectivity, and full installation services nationwide.

  • City-wide, community-wide, resort-wide Wi-Fi access systems
  • Law enforcement, emergency services, public access and subscription service HotSpot
On-Site Installation Services  

Through affiliate relationships with electrical contractors and cable installers nationwide, Connect802 can dispatch a local installation team from over 200 locations across the country including Alaska and Hawaii. The truck roll is local and a Connect802 engineer is on-site as the project manager.

With Connect802 handling the installation you avoid the challenges associated with scheduling and coordinating the installation project yourself whether you're resources are in-house or you're contracting with local installers yourself.

RFID Backhaul Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Design  

If you're implementing an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system for inventory control, location services, or any other RFID application you're likely to need an in-building, warehouse-wide, or site-wide 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless network to which portable RFID readers can communicate. It's the Wi-Fi backhaul network that lets portable readers connect back to the database in real-time.

Connect802 understands the interaction between RFID interrogation and Wi-Fi communication. We'll create a design for a wireless LAN that meets the requirements for your RFID backhaul communications.

TRAC - Tactical Remote Analysis Consulting  

Complete remote network monitoring and management or as-needed consulting. We can remotely monitor your network and provide you with our full engineering support or you can send us your protocol analysis trace files or your site survey results and we'll perform the analysis and evaluation. When projects can include Tactical Remote Analysis Consulting a significant cost savings can be realized by not bringing a Connect802 RF engineer to your site to perform the work.

Connect802 has a deep understanding of network protocol behavior and RF signal coverage issues. Sometimes it's just a matter of having a "second set of eyes" on a problem you're wrestling with in order to find a solution. complete web site monitoring solution.  
WiMAX 802.16 Long-Range Wireless System Design  

Connect802 can provide not only the in-building and campus wireless LAN requirements for your project but also the long-range point-to-point 802.16 WiMAX connectivity as well. With link speeds up to 1 Gigabit per Second, 802.16 WiMAX and equipment based on WiMAX technology from Connect802 gives you unparalleled connectivity for your overall wireless network design.

Connect802 also provides tower erection and equipment installation services nationwide from over 200 locations as part of a national network of affiliate installation contractors.

  • System design engineers are ready to help you with WiMAX point-to-point and point-to-multipoint outdoor radio links
  • Link speeds up to 1 GBps
Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) Consulting  
Wireless Medical Telemetry Service provides patient data monitoring in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Operating in the 600 MHz UHF television frequency range, WMTS is an RF engineering specialty in which typical Wi-Fi and WiMAX design and consulting firms can't engage. Connect802 isn't just a "Wi-Fi company", we're an RF engineering firm. Our RF engineers are at home in the 600 MHz spectrum just as they are in the higher microwave frequencies associated with Wi-Fi and WiMAX.
  • Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems consulting for patient monitoring in the hospital
  • RF spectrum analysis and design for the 600 MHz spectrum including 802.22 WRAN analysis
Wireless Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Network Design Consulting  

Connect802 specializes in the design of in-building and outdoor 802.11 wireless LAN systems that are required to support wireless Voice-over-IP (VoIP or "Voice-over-Wireless-LAN" VoWLAN). A wireless VoIP system design must pay close attention to signal coverage, adjacent coverage cell overlap, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and signal-to-interference ratio (SIR).

Using our 3-dimensional RF CAD modeling and simulation approach, Connect802 can help assure that you wireless VoIP Wi-Fi design will provide the coverage, call quality and availability that your project's requirements specify.


And... the Connect802 Antenna System Designer On-Line Calculator

OK, this isn't technically a "service offering" from Connect802 but it is a free, on-line antenna system and link budget calculator that we've made available for your use. You'll be able to determine path loss and required antenna height for outdoor wireless networks based on distance, earth curvature, rain fade, earth scatter and a number of other key specifications. Also, there is an on-line Voice-over-IP Bandwidth Provisioning calculator that will help you determine how many simultaneous voice calls can be carried over a wireless link.

At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

Targeted Discussion Regarding
Connect802 Professional Services

The wireless LAN experts at Connect802 are ready to partner with you to provide technical support and consulting services to help you design, implement, maintain, and troubleshoot your wireless infrastructure. We are one of the few wireless networking companies that provide equipment and design services for RFID backhaul (Radio Frequency Identification systems). Underlying each of our exclusive Connected Network Services is the goal of establishing a partnership with your support team. The Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design uses sophisticated modeling and simulation software to assess your building's RF characteristics. Tactical Remote Analysis Consulting (TRAC) allows you to send in a packet capture file for analysis by our engineers. The Connect IT support services include on-site installation and education to put your information technology engineers or administrators in touch with a wireless LAN integration and security expert to provide design services or solve problems with your network. And, of course, both remote-access and on-site consulting services are available when necessary to get the job done. Network support? We've got you covered.  


The Connect802
Antenna System Designe
An On-Line Calculator for Link Budget, Gain,
and Antenna Mounting. Try it out!

The Connect802
VoIP Bandwidth Provisioning Calculator
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