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Proxim Wireless
ORiNOCO Wi-Fi Access Points
and Tsunami WiMAX Broadband Wireless

802.11 Wi-Fi and 802.16 WiMAX Integrated Wireless LAN Systems

Buy Proxim Tsunami and ORiNOCO equipment from Connect802 to Take Advantage of our Wi-Fi Design and Consulting Experience

Connect802 can help you design, engineer and install indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi wireless LAN systems and 802.16 WiMAX connections in offices, hospitals, hotels, and other "carpeted space" as well as implementing complete systems to interconnect buildings on a corporate or academic campus with high-capacity outdoor point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless bridges. From simple 802.11a mesh connectivity to the deployment of a Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Bridge system - We've Got You Covered!

Proxim Wireless ORiNOCO Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Access Points

The Proxim wireless AP-4000M 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN access point product line includes indoor and outdoor models each with an 802.11b/g radio and an 802.11a radio which operate simultaneously. This provides support for 802.11a/b/g client support and simultaneous dynamic wireless mesh or wireless distribution system configuration. A typical installation provides 802.11b/g client access and uses the 802.11a radio to provide backhaul interconnectivity between ORiNOCO radios. The ORiNOCO Wi-Fi wireless LAN access points integrate with Proxim Tsunami 802.16 WiMAX backhual radios to expand the mesh into a wide geographic area.

Proxim Tsunami 802.16 WiMAX High Capacity Microwave Backhual

With Point-to-Point (PTP) wireless Ethernet bridges, connecting from Point A to Point B has never been easier for enterprises, carriers, ISPs and municipalities. Delivering an outstanding ROI and superior performance, the point-to-point wireless solutions can now be deployed with minimal interference issues, multiple layers of security and be transmitted long distances, over water or around obstacles.

With a small form factor that’s easy to install and maintain, wireless point-to-point bridges can support a wide variety of demanding applications, including:

  • Handling last-mile and heavy-duty backhaul traffic
  • Connecting networks in a campus setting and communication between buildings
  • Deploying emergency services
  • Supporting special operations and events

There are several types of wireless point-to-point Ethernet bridges Rugged Outdoor, Indoor, Wi-Fi-based and proprietary microwave.

Rugged outdoor point-to-point wireless bridges are perfect for quick deployments in harsh environments or where long RF cabling is prohibitive due to excessive signal loss. These bridges utilize power over Ethernet (PoE) and can normally be deployed within hours. They come with integrated panel antennas or connectorized for use with high gain parabolic antennas for distances up to 80 miles and beyond.

Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Proxim ORiNOCO Value Proposition

Why you will choose a Proxim ORiNOCO solution:

When you need a Wi-Fi wireless LAN solution to quickly deploy for secure, stand-alone or centrally managed 802.11a/b/g connectivity the ORiNOCO access point models are designed specifically with your requirements in mind. They offer one of the most attractive price points for entry-level, commercial-grade Wi-Fi and they bring many features normally associated with more expensive systems. In conjunction with firewall support from your existing VLAN-controlling firewall an ORiNOCO solution can match many features that are found in wireless LAN switch systems.

When you're deploying a widely distributed Wi-Fi system (such as a surveillance camera system to a 25 square mile community area for crime deterrence) the combination of the Proxim WiMAX mesh radios and the integration of the ORiNOCO access points can be a practical solution. Also, the Proxim Tsunami outdoor point-to-point Ethernet bridge radios provides a high capacity (up to 1.25 Gigabits per second!) backhaul solution when trenching fiber in the ground isn't an option. The Tsunami family of outdoor point-to-point and point-to-multipoint bridge radios are ideal for providing outdoor links up to 10 miles.

How you will decide that Proxim ORiNOCO provides the best solution:

When price is a key deciding factor for an entry-level, secure Wi-Fi wireless LAN then you should include the ORiNOCO AP-700 and AP-4000 in your list of good solutions. When planning a larger-scale ORiNOCO deployment you'll find that integration with your existing firewall router allows great flexibility by integrating with ORiNOCO's VLAN-to-SSID mapping. This allows separate, user-level access permissions and restrictions to be enforced for visitors, trusted users, and other groups that you may define.

The key deciding factor in favor of a Proxim ORiNOCO Wi-Fi wireless system are the depth of features that are provided at the attractive price point available with ORiNOCO access point bridges.

It's not a question of "better", it's a question of "different." Talk to your Connect802 sales representative about where we see the best fit for your application
Where you will see the greatest value with
an ORiNOCO 802.11 WiFi wireless LAN:
The greatest value in deploying a Proxim ORiNOCO 802.11 Wi-Fi WLAN can be seen from the perspective of what's above and below the Proxim line in the marketplace. Above the Proxim ORiNOCO Wi-Fi line are sophisticated wireless LAN switch systems (like the Aruba Networks Mobility System) that provide advanced, stateful packet inspection firewall features and active intrusion and rogue countermeasures. Below the Proxim ORiNOCO access point line are consumer-grade access points from vendors like Linksys, D-Link and NetGear. ORiNOCO provides a solid, commercial-grade solution with a good set of enterprise-class features but at a price point well below a high-end manufacturer's wireless LAN switch system.
When you are ready to buy a Proxim / ORiNOCO Wi-Fi solution:

Choosing the right access point solution for your Small- to Medium-Sized business immediately throws the decision maker into a mix of marketing hype and obfuscated product specifications at the boundary between high-end consumer-grade equipment and entry-level commercial-grade equipment. Making sense out of the options is the job for an expert and your Connect802 sales representative can get you together with an experienced RF design engineer and, together, you can collectively come up with the right solution. Call Connect802 and you'll see why we say, "We've Got You Covered".

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Proxim ORiNOCO Access Point, Mesh Router, and Tsunami WiMAX Equipment and Software Details

The Proxim product line is focused on 802.16 WiMAX, leading with the Proxim Tsunami outdoor radios. The ORiNOCO product line encompasses the indoor 802.11b/g, 802.11a and 4.9 GHz public safety Wi-Fi wireless LAN access points. Connect802 regularly uses Proxim equipment for outdoor point-to-point connectivity when it's possible to mount the access point indoors (i.e. in a rooftop mechanical or electrical room or wiring closet adjacent to the exterior of the building). We run antenna cable through-the-wall to an exterior antenna giving you the cost advantage of an indoor unit with the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint capability of an outdoor 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN system.

The ORiNOCO AP-700 Indoor 802.11b/g or 802.11a Access Point

The AP-700 is an entry-level, commercial-grade solution that can be configured for either 802.11b/g operation in the 2.4 GHz band or 802.11a operation in the 5 GHz band. Both 802.11b/g and 802.11a do not operate simultaneously - it's either one or the other but it is software configurable.

Unlike consumer-grade access point equipment, the AP-700 is plenum-rated for installation above dropped ceilings or in enclosed areas in compliance with local building codes. It also supports full SNMP management integration both with the ProximVision system and with standard SNMP-based management systems. Plus, dual-firmware support allows rollback in the event of software or config change problems.

The AP-700 is PoE enabled and supports typical enterprise-class features (RADIUS 802.1x, WPA2, rogue detection and 802.1e QoS for latency-sensitive applications like VoIP)


The ORiNOCO AP-4000 802.11a/b/g Mesh Indoor Access Point

  • Simultaneous 802.11b/g and 802.11a with Dynamic Mesh and WDS options
  • Support for 4.9 GHz licensed public safety deployment
  • Integrated Dual-Polarized Integrated Diversity Antennas (with External Antenna option)

The ORiNOCO AP-4000 Access Point is the flagship solution in Proxim's next generation line of access points supporting enterprise voice and video applications. Delivering enterprise-scale security, management and QoS features, the AP-4000 is mesh capable for best-in-class performance and flexibility in large enterprise and metropolitan Wi-Fi deployments.

  • ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol (OMCP) enables mesh backhaul and Wi-Fi coverage on the same radio, while the second radio is used exclusively for Wi-Fi coverage
  • Industry-leading throughput with 802.11b/g and 802.11a simultaneous operation
  • Unique 802.11a scalability - external antenna connector for increased transmit distance
  • IEEE 802.11e quality of service support for latency-sensitive applications
  • Robust RADIUS accounting and authorization interface enables detailed subscriber usage tracking
  • Enhanced security with AES encryption
  • Seamlessly integrates with ORiNOCO Outdoor Mesh Access Points to extend mesh networks outdoors

Public Safety Support Using the ORiNOCO AP-4000 Access Point

  • The ORiNOCO AP-4000 can be ordered with a 4.9 GHz radio in place of the 5 GHz 802.11a radio
  • Emergency services Real-time computer-aided dispatch on the move. Mobile office, voice, live-streaming video, and data connectivity for responder vehicles.
  • Metro Wi-Fi & 4.9 GHz public safety Simultaneous 4.9 GHz Public Safety access and 2.4 GHz Metro Wi-Fi coverage on a single, dual-radio platform.

ProximVision Network Management System

ProximVision Network Management System is a powerful tool to plan, install, manage and secure wireless networks. From a central location, this user friendly application enables end-end management of the wireless network. It is packaged as an appliance with the software application pre-loaded to support 25, 100, 200 or 1000 nodes. For your convenience, the appliance is pre-loaded with the ProximVision application. Depending on specific requirements, one can choose the Standard version or the Advanced version.


Proxim MeshMAX Product Series

Proxim’s MeshMAX™ product line integrates three technologies, WiMAX, Wi-Fi Mesh and Wi-Fi, in one small unit!

MeshMAX is a tri-radio, outdoor device offering Wi-Fi connectivity for access, Wi-Fi mesh gateway for network redundancy and a high capacity, carrier-class WiMAX link for backhaul. The convergence of these three technologies in one unit delivers end-to-end QoS for triple-play applications, a reduction in total cost of ownership and investment protection for future developments in WiMAX!

Experienced in WiMAX and Wi-Fi Applications
Drawing on Proxim’s expertise in WiMAX and Wi-Fi Mesh Technologies, the MeshMAX product line encapsulates the best in class features of the award-winning Tsunami WiMAX and ORiNOCO mesh product families. Proxim is uniquely positioned to offer this leading-edge product given our extensive experience in delivering Wi-Fi and WiMAX solutions.

End to end product portfolio consisting of WLAN, Wi-Fi Mesh, WiMAX and Point-to-Point
Tri-radio design provides one radio for WiMAX backhaul for distribution, one radio for Wi-Fi mesh link and one radio for exclusive Wi-Fi access traffic End-to-end QoS from access to distribution to support voice and video IEEE 802.11e draft QoS support for access and enhanced QoS on mesh link IEEE 802.16e QoS support for WiMAX wireless backhaul link
802.1D to 802.1p priority mapping and 802.1D to IP DSCP mapping Simplifies Network Architecture, Deployment and Management Reducing network complexity, minimizing time of deployment and increasing ease of installation, the MeshMAX accelerates the network operator’s time to money.

Less nodes to install, deploy and manage. Single management interface reduces time for service and support Provides consistent deployment and user experience to Tsunami™ MP.11, Tsunami MP.16 and ORiNOCO Mesh Access Point product lines

ORiNOCO Outdoor Wi-Fi Mesh and Public Safety Mesh Series

High-Capacity Wi-Fi Mesh Access Points Deliver Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable Voice and Data for Large Metropolitan and Enterprise Wi-Fi Deployments. The dual-radio architecture delivers data, voice and video over Wi-Fi to the edge of a network over a flexible, auto-forming, self-healing, near line of sight mesh backbone.

The ORiNOCO Public Safety Wi-Fi Mesh Series meets the needs for large Public Safety and Wi-Fi Deployments. Supporting both 4.9 GHz public safety and 2.4 GHz metropolitan Wi-Fi networks through dual 4.9/2.4 GHz radios, the ORiNOCO Public Safety Wi-Fi Mesh tri-mode outdoor mesh access points deliver the versatility and feature robustness

Proxim GigaLink Series Carrier- and Enterprise-Class Backhaul

  • Narrow-beam Microwave Point-to-Point Bridges
  • 125 Mbps, OC-3 155 Mbps, GigE 1.25 Gbps
  • 57-64 GHz unlicensed frequencies
  • 71-76 GHz licensed frequencies

Proxim’s GigaLink Series includes an array of full-duplex, point-to-point wireless solutions that offer affordable, highly reliable, secure outdoor links in the 57-64 GHz unlicensed frequency band for short and medium ranges and the 71-76 GHz licensed E-band for long ranges. Available in Fast Ethernet, OC-3/STM-1 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, Gigalink systems offer the performance of fiber at a fraction of the cost. As the first FCC Part 15.255-certified millimeter wavelength system operating in the 57.05 to 64 GHz band, these field-proven millimeter wave transceivers represent one of the most reliable wireless solutions available today.

Tsunami and TerraBridge Point-to-Point Ethernet Bridges

Proxim Wireless Tsunami and TeraBridge™ family of wireless Ethernet bridges provides a variety of plug-and-play professional low latency, long distance backhaul solutions to the growing demand for transparent, reliable, and economical high-speed network interconnectivity. Proxim Wireless Tsunami products are the perfect choice for ISP Ethernet backhauls and high speed long range building-to-building wireless backhauls.

(The photo to the left shows the radio control unit. Antenna cables and antennas with
appropriate gain and directivity are attached to these units when the system is installed).

At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

Targeted Discussion and Specifications For Proxim ORiNOCO 802.11 Wi-Fi Access Points, Mesh Routers, and Wireless Bridges

You'll find numerous Web references and reviews of Proxim 802.11 Wi-Fi equipment and 802.16 WiMAX integrated Wi-Fi and WiMAX dual radio units. Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how a Proxim ORiNOCO solution can be implemented to meet your requirements for a secure, easy-to-manage wireless LAN system.

SAN JOSE, CA, May 21, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX News Network) -- Proxim Wireless Corporation (NASDAQ: PRXM), a leader in core-to-client solutions for broadband wireless networks, today announced the Tsunami(TM) MP.11 HS (High Security) line of base station units, subscriber units and bridges. The new products provide governments, utilities and ultra-secure enterprises with FIPS 140-2 level 2 compliant point-to-point and point-to-multipoint products in the 5.1-5.95 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz, and 1.8 GHz frequency bands.

The Tsunami MP.11 HS product family is Proxim's ultra-secure broadband wireless solution for wireless video, data connectivity, VoIP and mobility, combining FIPS 140-2 level 2 compliance, advanced AES-256 encryption, and secure management to meet strict U.S. Federal Government standards. Whereas competitors' approaches to high security wireless broadband require multiple products to be bolted together to achieve FIPS 140-2 compliance and AES-256 encryption, Proxim is a truly integrated solution that offers these security features -- as well as secure management -- in one box. By combining this high security with the high throughput required for bandwidth-intensive video, the Tsunami MP.11 HS solution is appropriate for use in security video surveillance in ports, cities, and along transportation infrastructures.

"When it comes to deploying wireless solutions, security remains one of the top concerns for many organizations," said Emmy Johnson, Principal Analyst at Sky Light Research. "The ultra-secure, government-grade Tsunami MP.11 HS provides enterprises and organizations that have highly sensitive networks with a compelling option for securing their data or territories."

Beyond Mobile Video Security

The Tsunami MP.11 HS was designed to handle the specific challenges of delivering bandwidth-intensive video to mobile law enforcement vehicles, enabling mobile security patrol units to view wireless video surveillance in real-time. The Tsunami MP.11 HS enables this via new support of the governmental 1.8 GHz frequency while also enabling mobile roaming with seamless handoffs at speeds of up to 120 mph (200 km/hour).

Though the Tsunami MP.11 HS supports the 1.8 GHz governmental frequency and combines advanced security features that meet or exceed FIPS standards with the performance needed for real-time wireless video, the Tsunami MP.11 HS is effective for much more than just secure wireless broadband for governments. In fact, the Tsunami MP.11 HS is ideal for any and all government agencies and non-governmental organizations in need of highly secure broadband wireless solutions.

Connect802 provides wireless equipment, design consulting, and installation services for solutions deployed in diverse applications. We can help provide video camera security and Wi-Fi connectivity for trains, subways, trucks and vehicles, and even underground mines. We deliver cost-effective solutions based on both 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN technology, 802.16 WiMAX technology, and the emerging 802.11 Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN) 700 MHz technology.

From the Internet, a user poses this question:
I am attempting to use wireless to connect five different buildings to the Internet. Buildings are spaced 300 to 1000 feet from the main office, with five or so PCs per building. Wiring is not an option because the ground is too rocky to lay cable, and there are too many trees to hang cable. We tried putting an inexpensive home wireless router in bridge mode at each building, running wired network connections to the router from the local PCs, and using the router to bridge the distance to the main office. Whatever the cause, we could never get Internet access. Do you have any ideas how this might be done?

The Answer: You can use client bridges, which are client devices that have Ethernet ports, in place of the APs in bridge mode. Third-party firmware that turns APs into clients is available for some consumer-grade access point models; this might work for you but should obviously be used with caution. You can buy a point-to-multipoint (P2P or PTMP) bridge (available from a number of sources), or you could use a wireless mesh system (ditto). The big question is distance -- it may be that your endpoints are too far apart, and the connection quality is weak or broken. You need to consider the level of background noise in the environment, too. Remember that adding a high gain antenna boosts the desired signal but the noise is boosted equally.

There are a number of queries that are on the Internet that could be easily answered with a Connect802 Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle which includes the on-site RF spectrum analysis for noise and interference assessment, a complete system design, and all the equipment necessary (with nationwide wireless system installation services). Questions we've seen include:

  • How can I set a secure wireless connection between two buildings without going through leased lines?
  • What are the elements of creating a wireless connection between my two buildings?
  • There is a requirement of connecting two buildings in the center of a city. The distance between the buildings is roughly 1 mile. Please suggest a solution for connecting these two buildings.
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