Connect802 is a nationwide wireless network equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Cost Effective Commercial-Grade 802.11
Wireless Network Equipment

Low Price 802.11b/g Access Points - Broadband Routers
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Buy Planet Technology equipment from Connect802 to Take Advantage of our Wi-Fi Design and Consulting Experience

Connect802 depends on Planet Technology to provide reliable, commercial-grade Wi-Fi, media-conversion, and Ethernet switch equipment when it's needed to augment connectivity in a Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle.

The Planet Technology line of 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Access Points provides a cost-effective approach to straightforward, basic Wi-Fi connectivity while the Planet Technology line of Ethernet media converters and Ethernet switches give Connect802 a choice of commercial-grade but low-cost options.

Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Planet Technology Value Proposition

Why you will choose Planet Technology:

Planet Technology provides highly cost effective, low price 802.11b/g access points, wireless repeaters, and point-to-point 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless bridge solutions to meet specific project requirements. Connect802 integrates Planet Technology equipment into Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundles to provide interconnectivity at the edge and to meet specific design requirements. Planet Technology provides a broad range of products that include:

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Planet Technology
Equipment Details




Planet access points support both IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standards. You can use it for connecting to an existing WLAN, or to build up a new wireless LAN. In addition to normal Access Point mode, Planet access points provide Repeater, Bridge, WDS, and Client modes to accommodate all kinds of network topology. Full support for WEP, WPA, WPA2 and MAC address filtering functions.

Planet broadband routers extend access point functionality with Quality-of-Service (QoS) rule configuration and firewall protection including Denial-of-Service Internet attacks. Email alerting notifies you when a problem has been detected.