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RF Engineering Calculators

The Internet offers a number of on-line calculators including the
Connect802 On-Line Antenna System Designer
Wireless VoIP Bandwidth Provisioning Calculator

The list below is simply a compilation of calculators that our engineers have found. Inclusion on the list does not imply a recommendation by Connect802 nor does it imply that Connect802 has tested the accuracy of the results.

Isotropic Free Space Path Loss
  • Free Space Path Loss based on geometrical (spherical) loss; this is standard FSPL
Airaya Radio Line of Sight
  • Enter distance and frequency (down to 4.9GHz only) and calculate obstruction clearance height
LandMap Free Space Path Loss Calculator
  • A simple but useful tool. Enter frequency (MHz) and distance (Meters) and get path loss with annotated formulae
First Mile Wireless Fresnel Zone Calculator
  • Simple Fresnel Zone calculator but the result for the full size of the 1st Fresnel Zone equals the 60% value; oops.
First Mile Wireless Free Space Path Loss Calculator
  • A simple FSPL calculator with humorous commentary accompanying the results.
Xytrax Wireless Calculators
  • Includes: Power Budget, FSPL, Fresnel Zones, Performance and descriptions of the underlying formulae
PagerPower Fresnel Zone Calculator
  • Fresnel zones for radio transmission near wind turbines. A somewhat different output report format.
Wireless Connections Fresnel Zone and Antenna Height Calculator
  • Calculates Fresnel Zone radius at a specified distance and the Earth Height for the tower separation (both miles and meters)
A Textual Description of Distance to the Horizon Calculation
  • No automated calculator but the math is detailed with solved problems
A Textual Description of Distance to the Horizon Calculation with Results Table
  • No automated calculator but more in-depth math and a table of sample results
Planetary Parameter Calculator (Calculates Distance to the Horizon)
  • Meters in; kilometers out (plus a number of values oriented to planetary and space science)
Radar (Radio) Horizon - Solved Problems
  • The "Problem" page explains the derivation of the 4/3 factor. The solved problem shows the formula for RLOS
Antenna System Line-of-Sight Discussion
  • Describes optical and radio LOS and includes a graph for calculating LOS based on two antenna heights
The Geometry of Horizon Distance on a Circle
  • Just the math here. This page gives the arithmetic basis for various constants of proportionality that are used.