Connect802 is a nationwide Nomadix reseller providing Nomadix system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Nomadix Visitor Access Gateways

Connect802 is your Nomadix reseller providing you with turnkey visitor and guest access control, wireless access subscription and billing services, and management of your public access network.

Buy your Nomadix HotSpot Visitor Access Gateway
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Nomadix is focused on providing solutions for the public access market to create multi-use, multi-revenue networks that require Zero Configuration for end user access. We sell the Nomadix family of Access Gateways running the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software to Public Access Service Operators (PASOs) and Venue Owners providing a turnkey solution for public access HotSpot and Metropolitan HotZone deployments. Unlike most authorized Nomadix value-added resellers, Connect802 brings 3-dimensional RF CAD modeling and simulation into the network design and consulting phase of your project. This helps assure that your wireless LAN will provide proper coverage and will support the intended density of users.

Nomadix offers a full range of Access Gateways running the NSE software. All of our Access Gateways come with the NSE Core software package. Optional NSE Modules and User Configuration Upgrades are also available. From the smallest single cell HotSpot to a large multi-cell location supporting thousands of users, Nomadix has the right Access Gateway to fit your deployment needs.

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The Nomadix Value Proposition

Why you will choose a Nomadix HotSpot Access Controller Gateway:
The visitor access gateway is the essential piece of equipment in your hot spot or visitor access Wi-Fi network. The Nomadix gateway not only allows you to provide a login page for visitors and guests but it provides sophisticated configuration and integration capabilities for subscription services, credit card billing, and access control automation.
How you will decide that Nomadix provides the best solution:

Built-in captive portal, user login pages are available with many wireless LAN switch controllers. In general, these built-in features provide a basic guest experience with basic, easy-to-configure features. When your requirements go beyond simply present visitors and guests with a basic login page you're going to need the capabilities of a dedicated HotSpot and visitor access gateway controller. Most visitor and guest access controller appliances provide functionality that is only slightly more elaborate than those built in to a wireless LAN switch system. The Nomadix product line provides sophisticated, full-featured, dedicated visitor access control features for the guest access network that demands advanced capabilities for large numbers of users.

The key deciding factor in favor of a Nomadix visitor and guest access solution is the requirement for a sophisticated guest login and management system that provides a full, rich feature set beyond that found in a built-in captive portal capability in a wireless LAN switch management system.

Where you will see the greatest value providing guest login experience with a Nomadix access controller solution:

When you need to show a return-on-investment from a revenue generating HotSpot or you need to implement a broad range of guest and visitor access capabilities the value of the Nomadix broad feature set will be clear.

When you are ready to buy a Nomadix solution:

Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundles combine Connect802's 3-dimensional RF CAD Modeling and Simulation design and consulting services with Nomadix visitor access gateways to provide you with a complete Wi-Fi wireless LAN system. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase Nomadix equipment without the bundled RF design and consulting services. When you choose a turnkey wireless LAN system from Connect802 you'll start by uploading a copy of your sites floor plans (or outdoor area map) through the on-line Connect802 File Submission System. Your plans will be evaluated to develop a price quotation for your project.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Nomadix Visitor Access Controller
Equipment and Software Details

Nomadix offers a full range of standalone, turnkey, Access Gateways running its NSE Core software. All of the Access Gateways come with the NSE Core software package included. The Nomadix Service Engine™ (NSE) addresses the key issues of customer acquisition, provisioning, security and revenue generation faced by providers and venue owners when deploying Wi-Fi Public-access "HotSpots". The NSE eliminates barriers encountered by end users accessing these networks by providing a problem-free experience when using the service.

Nomadix AG 2300 Visitor and Guest Access Controller

The Nomadix AG2300 brings high end features of Nomadix renowned intelligent public access
to SOHOs desiring to offer High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) as a value added service to their

Based on the same leading Nomadix Service EngineTM (NSE) Core Software, its price per
performance is of high value for venues requiring up to 50 simultaneous connections.

The suite of features built into the AG2300 includes delivery of local content, bandwidth management, maximization of revenue beyond connectivity charges – all designed and selected to help SOHO business operators obtain optimal value. With Nomadix patented Home Page Redirection, business owners reinforce their business brand every time a user logs onto the


Nomadix AG 3100 Visitor and Guest Access Controller

The AG 3100 is a turnkey, cost-effective platform designed for small to medium-sized public access HotSpots. The AG 3100 is transport agnostic and enables the deployment of wired, wireless or hybrid networks supporting up to 200 simultaneous users.

The AG 3100 is deployed at the venue supporting from 100 to 200 simultaneous users in a broadband-enabled environment and offers several NSE Module and User Count Upgrades so it can grow as your network and users change. The Gateway is a dedicated network appliance providing maximum uptime and reliability unlike competitive offerings that are server-based that can be plagued with long reboot and set up times or run Operating Systems that are susceptible to virus attacks.

The AG 3100 is a 1U high device that employs one fast Ethernet port to interface with the router (network side) and two fast Ethernet switch ports to interface with the aggregation equipment (subscriber side) within the HotSpot. Additionally, the Gateway works with a centralized provisioning system to provide a problem free service to the end user, while providing a cost-effective solution that can enable a variety of billing models and interface to a provider's infrastructure. 


Nomadix AG 5600 Universal Subscriber Gateway

Scalability with GigE Performance

The AG5600 is a high performance network appliance enabled with GigE throughput capability for deployment in large venues including hotels, airports, convention centers and municipal Hotzones.

Built upon the proven Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) Core Software, the AG5600 is a high end
access gateway offering a full suite of intelligent and secure solutions for businesses needing to
support thousands of simultaneous users.

Intelligent Roaming Innovation

With Nomadix intelligent Zone Migration, users no longer have to go through repetitive re-authentication process while roaming between hotspot zones within a network. On top of that, the AG5600 provides the added advantage for users to maintain one billing account with their service
provider while roaming between networks.

Proven Reliability

The AG5600 is a dedicated network appliance, inherently designed to be more reliable as compared to server based gateways. The AG5600 can also be deployed in a High Availability configuration to offer enhanced network uptime and service availability by providing failover functionality. Nomadix is recognized as the pioneer of access gateway technology, shipping units to customers all over the world for more than a decade. Nomadix Service EngineTM Core Software gateways have proven over time to function robustly and dependably.

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Targeted Discussion and Specifications For Nomadix Visitor Access Controllers and HotSpot Gateways

You'll find numerous Web references and reviews of the Nomadix product line. Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how a Nomadix solution can be implemented to meet your requirements for a secure, easy-to-manage wireless LAN system.

One of the most requested guest amenities in hotels today is high speed Internet access (HSIA). Pressured by the pains of travel and the need to be more productive, guests are rating HSIA among the top amenities they seek in a hotel. In a study conducted last year by Business Week, respondents ranked HSIA as the second most important attribute they consider in making a hotel selection decision (quality of guest room was first and quality of hotel staff was third).

According to Gartner Group, there are 36 million business travelers in the U.S., 75% of whom carry laptops. These road warriors expect to be able to conveniently connect to the Internet on the road just as they do in their offices and at home. Not surprisingly, usage rates have grown exponentially across the industry in recent years. Marriott reported that the number of monthly guest connections in its hotels more than tripled in 2004 to approximately 2 million connections per month. Many of the industry’s leading HSIA providers reported similar increases in connection rates over the same period.

HSIA has therefore become a must-have in the hotel industry and most major brands now require broadband connectivity in the guest rooms. Marriott and Hilton both recently reported that nearly 100% of guest rooms have been installed with HSIA across all brands and many other hotel companies are close behind. Unfortunately, despite the huge investment that many hotel operators have made in recent years to install and/or upgrade their networks, inconsistency with HSIA performance has become an increasing source of frustration for hotel guests as expectations have outpaced these improvements.

Nomadix is delivering reliable High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) in Hotel Locations of all sizes, airports, conference centers and hospitals and at the same time offer guest satisfaction, additional services to your guests and revenue generation are the key words in the hospitality
environment. All kinds of hospitality locations that provide HSIA to their guests are rapidly becoming a destination of choice for travelers who need to stay connected to the office. These travelers are ready and willing to pay a premium for fast, seamless connectivity to the Internet, corporate e-mail, databases and other network resources. The question is not “if” a property/venue should deploy HSIA but "how" to do it in a cost effective and profitable manner. Nomadix is the only company that provides a range of platforms to accommodate hospitality properties from 20 to 2,000 rooms. Depending on your number of hotel rooms, floors, conference rooms, garden area, pools, business lounges, office centers, or even your internal network where HSIA coverage is required you can choose chose between a variety of Nomadix subscriber gateway models. Therefore, the Nomadix platform supports PMS payment for users of the Visitor Based Network (Hot-Spot). This feature is especially designed for this environment and very useful for Hotels, Conference centers, Airports and hospitals. The Nomadix Gateway functionality for PMS payment is enabled through the purchase of the PMS/Hospitality module. This will enable the handshake protocol required for PMS payments. The Nomadix is a 100% certified for use with PMS systems. The Nomadix Gateway send billing information to the PMS system when authorizing the End User for the requested amount of time purchased.

Deploying Visitor and Guest Access in Hotels and Resorts

When selecting a wireless LAN system, a hotel should consider the following requirements:

Multiple Wireless Devices. A hotel must accommodate a vast array of user devices including laptops, handhelds and VoWIP phones – both company-approved by the Hotel and any number of devices belonging to guests.

Virtual Private Groups. Given the diversity of hotel employees and guests who will use wireless, the IT department will need to create virtual private groups, each with the appropriate access rights and wireless encryption for strong security. Different users, from housekeeping to restaurant staff staff to finance to guests, will have different access permissions, roaming policies and billing profiles.

Authentication. To accommodate private and public access, the wireless LAN must support various authentication options, including open authentication, media access control (MAC) address authentication, web authentication and 802.1X authentication.

Encryption. A hotel wireless LAN should support different encryption types by user group. For instance, IT will want rigorous security and encryption for employees, however it may give guests unencrypted access.

Flexible Billing. Many hotels rely on an ISP to deliver public network services. Guests are redirected to a web portal where they submit credit card billing information. The hotel may split the revenue with the ISP or pay a flat fee per customer. Either way, the hotel must have the flexibility to choose an ISP and billing structure.

VoWIP and IP Multicast. Supporting Voice and Video over the wireless LAN requires some special considerations. Seamless support for VoWIP means users connect to the wireless LAN once, authenticate and roam freely. Also, some VoWIP handhelds and communicators can only use WEP or MAC-address authentication. Efficient support for IP multicast is a must to avoid overwhelming precious wireless LAN bandwidth.

Reliability and Resiliency. High availability is essential for a wireless LAN that’s home to reservations, point of sale, hotspots and other business-critical systems. Redundant power supplies and network connections are recommended to ensure fault tolerance.

Planning and Configuration Tools. No hotel or Resort can afford to install a wireless LAN that recklessly wastes IT resources. A wireless LAN system must be easy to configure, install and operate. In-room wireless access must be no-fuss as technical support calls eat away profitability.

A Hotel may need to set up and tear down Wireless LAN services rapidly to accommodate events in ballrooms or conference areas or the property may undergo a renovation. Consequently, good wireless LAN planning and configuration tools enable a Hotel to adapt the wireless LAN to its changing business needs. The more agile the wireless LAN system, the more sophisticated and profitable a service provider the hotel can be.

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