Connect802 is a nationwide wireless equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Literature and Technical Information
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Connect802 is committed to providing not only the best products and services but to making accurate, pertinent technical information available to the industry at large. Our Literature and Technical Information section provides a broad range of discussions, white papers, manufacturer's data sheets and original Connect802 material available on-line.

Connect802 provides expert wireless network design and consulting services coupled with best-of-breed wireless network equipment in our turnkey wireless LAN system from Connect802 product and service bundles.


The Connect802
Antenna System Designe
An On-Line Calculator for Link Budget, Gain,
and Antenna Mounting. Try it out!

The Connect802
VoIP Bandwidth Provisioning Calculator
Will Help You Understand How Many Voice
Calls Can Be Carried On a Wi-Fi Link
The Literature page brings you 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networking technical information, WiMAX 802.16, WMTS, and 2.5G and 3G cellular technical information. Do you need Wi-Fi training? The place to start is with the self-study Wi-Fi materials, wireless networking books and white papers, and Connect802 seminar and trade show presentation material here. Be sure to explore the Connect802 Antenna System Designer, an on-line RF calculator for link budget, path loss, near-field, antenna tower and mounting heights, earth bulge, refractive index, and more!. If you're in an accredited training program working towards a degree in telecommunications or any university degree program involving wireless networking or Wi-Fi communication, the information here is one of your best options for getting accurate technical information about 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networking. Connect802 supports the Planet 3 Wireless Certified Wireless Network Analysis (CWNA) program and recognizes the importance of professional certification and training with Wi-Fi certification programs like CWNA, CWSP, CWAP, and the Cisco Wireless Certification (CQS). You should be able to get an understanding of how the Connect802 802.11 site survey, Wi-Fi consulting and design, and patent-pending product packaging design differs from the use of wireless network analysis and troubleshooting tools like Network General SnifferPRO Wireless, WildPackets AiroPeek NX, Ekahau site survey and prediction software, Trapeze Ringmaster, Wireless AirTraf survey tool, and products from Proxim and Cisco, plus the ORiNOCO Smart Wireless Suite. Using advanced Wi-Fi 802.11 tools let you "see" wireless LAN's and 802.11 site survey tools include spectrum analysis. Tools that allow scanning 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g networks simultaneously is a nice feature, but proper design up front is the key to ultimate success with Wi-Fi wireless networking. The literature, E-Magazine newsletter, on-line Wi-Fi encyclopedia, and other documents and Wi-Fi technical references here can help you understand, compare, and contrast network management software, consulting, training, packet analyzers, protocol analyzers, network monitoring, network troubleshooting, network analysis, web metrics, TCP/IP test tools, wireless LAN's, wireless LAN analysis, wireless network analysis, uses for a wireless protocol analyzer or wireless packet analyzer. End users and resellers often demonstrate their networking proficiency by becoming certified. Preparing for professional certification requires access to technology facts, and that, too, is what you can find here in the Literature section.