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What is a "Legacy Website Page"?

At Connect802 we constantly evaluate the various wireless network product offerings in the marketplace. Over the years, as technology has evolved, our opinion regarding the best product solution for a particular application has evolved too. The manufacturer with the best technology solution five years ago might not be the leader today.

The Connect802 website has been on-line for over a decade and there are numerous inbound links to pages in the site. Instead of simply deleting pages and defeating years of search engine positioning and inbound linking we have left these pages in place and marked them as a "Legacy Website Page".

In many cases we are able to provide you with equipment sales and configuration support if you're expanding an existing wireless network with one of the "legacy" products. In every case we're ready to discuss your requirements and tell you our opinion regarding what we feel is the best solution today.

Please don't hesitate to contact Connect802 for a no-obligation discussion and our candid opinions