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Best Smartphones That Use WiFi

Wireless Internet, or WiFi, has become an increasingly important feature for cell phones. WiFi allows users to access email and applications that use data, as well as browse the Internet via the Web application. While cellular providers' 3G and 4G networks can also afford access to these tools, WiFi often moves more quickly and can be connected when you're out of range for your provider's network or during a BlackBerry outage. Most smartphones with a WiFi feature offer fairly consistent service as long as you are near a wireless modem.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is consistently rated as among the best cell phones with a WiFi connection. Users love its curved display. The screen on this phone is particularly large, measuring nearly 5 inches diagonally. The Galaxy Nexus phone uses the Android operating system and can also connect to 3G, 4G and Edge networks in addition to wireless Internet. The phone only offers eight hours of talk time when fully charged, which is several hours less than some other smartphones, and using WiFi will deplete the battery more quickly. 

The 4th generation iPhone model is another smartphone that is regularly rated as among the best smartphones. The phone has 14 hours of talk time, and a camera with 8 megapixels which will capture both still and video pictures. While many cell phones can only be purchased through one network, the iPhone is available through AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Apple iPhones run on the iOS platform.

This particular phone is known for its very thin screen, and it also offer 12 hours of talk time when the battery is charged. In addition to getting WiFi, you can also connect to data via 3G or 4G networks, depending on what your provider offers. According to PC World, this phone has very fast data speeds. Other features include GPS navigation and a dual-core processor.