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CAMMS™ Command Anywhere Media Management System

CAMMS DFK Deployable Field Kits
CAMMSView Building Security Surveillance Module

CAMMS is communications software to enable data, images, floorplans, maps, multi-user whiteboard and VoIP phone communication between wired and wireless users in a mobile, deployed scenario.

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Vital Shared On-Scene and Remote Communications for Voice, Video and Data
Officers have taken positions at an incident scene. Fire and medical personnel are on-scene. There’s FBI and homeland security involvement. Command centers are active. How can critical information be quickly and easily exchanged?
The Connect EZ Field Communications Suite provides an answer. Here’s how the Communications Suite works:
  • A software application is installed on each person’s computer
  • Multi-function 802.11 Wi-Fi + 4.9 GHz Public Safety + GSM Cellular radio equipment is installed in each vehicle (and existing compatible radio equipment can be used as well).
  • Portable, self-contained field radio units (24 pounds in a 13” X 11” X 6” weatherproof case with 15+ hour battery power) are placed as required to fill out radio coverage at the scene
  • The wireless devices discover each other and form a dynamic communications mesh
  • All vehicles, handheld PDAs, and authorized team members across the Internet join automatically into a communications mesh
  • Share photos, drawings, architectural plans, site maps and other critical images on a collaborative, shared white board which can be annotated and marked-up in real-time
  • Talk to each other over the mesh system using built-in Voice-over-IP telephony
  • Automatically discover, view and control video surveillance cameras at the site, including options for integration with existing in-building surveillance systems owned by private individuals
  • Record and capture camera footage which can then be shared on the interactive whiteboard or stored for later analysis
  • Set up live video conferencing and video streaming including complete, secure integration with off-site and command center personnel through the Internet
  • Send text messages, including broadcast messages, which can also be read out loud through text-to-speech on each system
  • Bring up 3-dimensional satellite imagery (from Microsoft Virtual Earth) to inspect the incident scene and assess the sites characteristics from a “birds-eye” view in 360 degrees.
  • Identify everyone’s GPS location automatically on the map

There is no requirement for any central server. Vehicles, cameras, and handheld devices in the field communicate directly to each other without depending on any public or private communications infrastructure. The system also makes it easy to deliver a PowerPoint presentation or set up a video conference for briefings and day-to-day collaboration

Communications is vital both for units responding to an incident and for day to day agency operations. CAMMS is a software application that runs on a standard Windows computer. It establishes automatic interconnection between all computers running CAMMS and it automatically connects to wired and wireless video cameras at an incident scene (even when responders are miles away or in a different city). Everyone using the CAMMS mesh can view video, share files, interact with an electronic whiteboard (including map and image overlays) and talk to each other one-on-one, to defined groups, or as a broadcast to everyone.

Creating an Automatic Communications Mesh On-Scene

Everyone running the CAMMS software automatically discovers everyone else running CAMMS if they can see each other through a wired or wireless TCP/IP network. A special Internet Gateway VPN servers (a desktop computer running a special CAMMS software application) is deployed at the station and creates a secure portal to the Internet for emergency personnel, senior officers, supervisors or others who may not be at the incident scene but who need to be involved in the response. Plus, everyone who points CAMMS at this server is interconnected even when no incident response is underway.

CAMMS Command Anywhere Software System provides a long list of advanced, secure and highly easy to use and deploy features and capabilities to help police, fire fighters and emergency responders organized, communicating, and safe.

  • Mesh formation - establishes and controls an ad hoc, self-forming, self-healing mobile mesh network without the use of servers, fixed access points or Internet access
  • Web operation - full functionality using the Internet when infrastructure is available
  • White boarding - multi user multi edit, single edit to multi view, private then share - White board on image stored in your computer or on any image shared to the mesh with no server required Instant message - to all, preset groups or individuals in mesh, with text to voice capability
  • File Sharing - share any file to the mesh for all to open or restricted password required - files are auto categorized on the work surface i.e. images, video, PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
  • IP camera discovery - any deployed IP camera is automatically discovered with no on-site configuration required. The video and audio from the camera is able to be shared to the mesh
  • Video Conference - one click connection to video conference individually or to multiple parties in the mesh
  • TerraViewer mapping solution - standard road mapping, birds eye view, push pin functions also 3-D images (Internet connection required for 3-D images)
  • GPS - shows locations of all users in the mesh, distance between users and on-board resources available at each user
  • VoIP PBX - built into software allowing 1000 phone connection peer to peer, wired or wireless
  • Resource management - graphically identifies all users in the mesh by call sign, name, vehicle # (Identification elements changeable by user)
  • Internet Sharing - any single user in the mesh who is connected to the Internet is able to share the one Internet connection to the mesh
  • Mesh to Internet or City/County/State-Installed Wireless Network - any user in the mesh with authorization is able to connect the mesh to the Internet allowing authenticated Internet-connected computers running CAMMS™ Web to interact and become part of the mesh - regardless of their location in the world
  • WiFi portable devices - (phones, PDAs, Lap tops) with authentication are able to join the mesh
  • Mesh Structure - GUI displays mesh topology
  • Connection Meter - Graphically displays signal strength of each user connected to the mesh
  • CAMMS™Link - GUI provides each user access to user-defined ‘favorite’ web sites, programs and files
  • Antennas - alternative antennas can be added to any CAMMS™ solution to increase range
  • WiFi Connection - CAMMS™ utilizes off-the-shelf access points. APs utilize 2.4/4.9 or 2.4/5.0 radios
  • Security - WPE (128 bit encryption) or WPA (152 bit encryption). Additionally, user-assigned protection implementation utilizing 802.1x authentication
  • Interoperable - IPv4 and IPv6 compliant
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The CAMMS Value Proposition

Why you will choose CAMMS:
The value proposition is straightforward: CAMMS is the only solution of its kind that provides law enforcement and emergency responders with interactive whiteboarding, voice-over-IP communications, image and file sharing and GPS mapping while automatically creating a dynamic mesh communications "cloud" at the scene of an incident. The value of these capabilities speak for themselves when the safety of personnel and the public are at stake and when a successful incident outcome is critical.
How you will decide that CAMMS provides the best solution:

Again, this is straightforward. Just call Connect802 to schedule a live, on-line demonstration of the CAMMS system. You'll be able to watch as CAMMS connects to an in-vehicle camera and an interior site camera. You'll see the interactive whiteboarding and mapping in action. Once you see what CAMMS can do you'll decide that CAMMS provides the deployed communications solution that you need.

Where you will see the greatest value with CAMMS:

There are two fundamental areas in which CAMMS will provide value. First, in the deployed scenario at an incident scene when dynamic, automatic mesh connectivity doesn't require an existing infrastructure for operation and your field teams can communicate effortlessly. Secondly, in day-to-day use when CAMMS serves as a video-conferencing solution and shared Web-based presentation tool for briefings, staff meetings, and general peer-to-peer collaboration.

When you are ready to buy CAMMS solution:

Call your Connect802 sales representative and schedule a live, on-line demonstration of the system. As you move closer to making a buying decision, Connect802 will come out to your site and set up a CAMMS system for you to see in action.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Communication Anywhere Media Management CAMMS™ Equipment and Software Details

CAMMS is a software product that is delivered on a program CD accompanied by a registration CD that uniquely serializes each copy of the software. There is only one "CAMMS" software product however it operates in two modes: Mesh and Web. CAMMS mesh operation also includes the ability to automatically control and configure the mesh wireless radio (802.11b/g, 4.9 GHz Public Safety and optional GSM Cellular) that is mounted in a vehicle.

  • Mesh operation occurs when CAMMS connects in peer-to-peer mode across a wireless network at an incident scene. The wireless users at the scene join into a dynamic communications mesh.
  • Web operation occurs when the CAMMS software is configure (and sold) to run on a computer that is not part of the on-scene wireless mesh but is connecting into the mesh through the Internet. This requires a gateway server software program (a VPN gateway) that provides security and authentication for the Internet link into the CAMMS mesh. The user, perhaps at headquarters or at a field office, uses CAMMS Web mode to interact in real-time with the users of the CAMMS mesh.

CAMMS™ Command Anywhere Media Management Software

This is the control console that is installed on every user's computer or mobile device. All user's are peers in the interconnected communication system. They can interact with text messages, Voice-over-IP telephony and live video conferencing (one-on-one and in groups). Users share pictures, map overlays, CAD drawings as well as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files (plus Acrobat PDF files). Images and maps can be placed on an interactive whiteboard for discussion and markup including automatic GPS identification of unit locations.

CAMMS provides a complete communications management system for use both during an incident as well as for day-to-day interactive communications.


Connect EZ CAMMS™ In-Vehicle Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle

  • A Comprehensive Field Communications Suite
  • Complete Software and Wireless Mesh Radio System
  • Ready to Install In Police Cars, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Public Utility Vehicles... Anyone Who Needs to Communicate at the Scene

Each Connect EZ CAMMS In-Vehicle Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle package includes the CAMMS software, a vehicle-mounted mesh communications radio (802.11b/g, 4.9 GHz Public Safety Band PLUS GSM cellular datacom options!), and an optional ruggedized in-vehicle camera. Vehicles within 1500 feet of each other automatically join the mesh and each serves as a mesh extension node to spread the mesh of communication across the incident scene. If the computer is used outside the vehicle the software automatically connects to the mesh through any available wireless or wired Internet connection in CAMMS Web operational mode.

CAMMS™ "Lite" Software-Only Solution

This is the same CAMMS control console software but it's sold unbundled from the mesh radio and camera system that's included with the full Connect EZ CAMMS In-Vehicle Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle. Select CAMMS Lite when you already have a TCP/IP wireless data networking solution deployed or use it for stand-alone wireless notebook computers or mobile PDA devices that will connect wirelessly to the 802.11b/g mesh at the scene.


CAMMS™ Web Software-Only Solution

This is the same CAMMS control console software but it's sold as a version that only connects to the mesh through the Internet. Install CAMMS Web on desktop computers back at the operations center or command center (or on home machines used by key operational or supervisory personnel) and they can connect remotely to the incident scene and interact with law enforcement and emergency responders in the field. CAMMS Web is also an ideal solution for day-to-day interaction with personnel who are in different geographic locations. Set up a live video conference with remote locations, collaborate with the white board and other CAMMS features and present PowerPoint slide shows with live, over-the-Internet Voice-over-IP telecommunication.


CAMMS™ DFK - Deployable Field Kit

The CAMMS DFK is a completely self-contained mesh radio unit with a built-in battery power supply that will run the unit continuously for more than 15 hours on a single charge. The DFK extends the wireless mesh that exists between vehicles by creating a radio repeating point at the incident scene. With a single DFK between them, vehicles can be close to 3000 feet apart and remain connected to each other and to the communications mesh.

Each DFK also creates an 802.11b/g HotZone with a 1000 foot radius to allow wireless client devices to participate in the mesh with CAMMS Lite.

DFK units weigh 24 pounds and are built into a ruggedized, weatherproof case 13.5" X 11.75" X 6". Support for 802.11b/g, 4.9 GHz Public Safety Band and GSM cellular modem communication is available.

CAMMS™ "Lite 48" Software-Only Solution

This is the same CAMMS control console software but it's provided at a significantly reduced cost on a specially encoded USB "thumb drive" which, when plugged into the USB port on a notebook computer, automatically installs a full version of CAMMS but with a 48-hour expiration period.

Hand the CAMMS 48 USB drive to a new arrival at the incident scene and they're immediately able to connect to the mesh and participate in the field communications. The only difference is that after 48 hours the CAMMS software automatically uninstalls itself from their computer. This gives you a very cost-effective way to get people on the mesh who aren't going to be using CAMMS on an on-going basis.


CAMMS™ View - Building Security Surveillance Module

The CAMMS View module is a 19" rack mount component that connects to existing surveillance cameras at a participating facility (retail store, bank, school, etc). CAMMS View allows the in-building video surveillance cameras to be auto-discovered by a CAMMS mesh node. This means that officers or first responders arriving at a facility equipped with CAMMS View can connect to the in-building surveillance system as they pull up to the site. This added visibility into the scene affords increased safety for personnel and improved capabilities for evaluating and responding to a situation.

  • 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and 4.9 GHz Public Safety Band Transmission
  • Up to 8 Analog Camera Connections with Composite Video BNC Input
  • 24-Hour Battery Backup
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Targeted Discussion Regarding the Use of Interactive Video, VoIP and Whiteboard Sharing

Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how video, VoIP and shared whiteboard solutions can be implemented to meet your requirements for a secure, easy-to-manage wireless LAN system.

The world we live in is changing and preparation is critical. Whether it's adding capacity to cover a sporting or entertainment event, ensuring greater coverage for emergencies, or quickly replacing downed communications due to a disaster, how fast you can respond will determine the success or failure of your public safety first responders.

But picking the right deployable solution for you requires planning and expertise. Connect802's communications experts will work closely with you to understand your environment, the area you need to cover and numerous other ancillary factors to customize the best solution that fits your needs.

Video surveillance systems enable a successful fixed or mobile operation for government agencies, municipalities, and businesses. Our systems make it easy to capture, analyze, share and store video. Eliminating cables, Connect802's wireless broadband solutions provide the flexibility to put cameras in more places more rapidly. Combining video sharing with mobility means headquarters and personnel in the field can share new information in real-time to increase situational awareness and safety. Advanced software applications with automated video analysis and easy file management dramatically reduce the human work load while facilitating rapid retrieval and reconstruction of events.