Connect802 is a nationwide wireless equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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When you're planning to buy a Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Mesh Router Backbone Network for Outdoor and Indoor WLAN Mesh Router Systems and you've talked to your local Firetide value-added reseller or Firetide distributor we encourage you to talk to Connect802 before you make a final decision!

Buy Firetide Wireless Mesh Router Design and Consulting Services from Connect802 to Take Advantage of our Wi-Fi Design and Consulting Experience

HotPort® Multi-Service Mesh Network

Firetide Multi-Service Mesh Network provides a high capacity wireless mesh backbone system for outdoor and indoor networks. Designed for maximum performance, scalability, mobility, and ease of deployment, the HotPort mesh network works seamlessly between indoor and outdoor environments and can operate in 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz or 5 GHz spectrums. The HotPort system includes HotPort mesh nodes, HotPoint access points, HotClient customer premises equipment (CPE) and HotView Network Management System. The combined solution enables multiple network services and standard Ethernet devices to be deployed virtually anywhere, creating secure and reliable wireless networks for video, voice and data:

  • Delivers up to 70 Mbps throughput with industry leading low latency and robust QoS
  • Provides superior scalability with up to 1000 mesh nodes that can span any geographical distance and extend over IP, wide-area, and wired networks
  • Enables an entirely mobile infrastructure for seamless video, voice, and Wi-Fi on moving vehicles
  • Offers comprehensive end-to-end access point and mesh based security
  • Lowers cost of ownership with the most flexible products, simplified deployment and operation

HotPort® 6000 Wireless Mesh Nodes

HotPort 6000 mesh nodes provide reliable Ethernet connectivity over a high-performance, self-forming wireless mesh backbone -indoors, outdoors, or onboard moving vehicles.

HotPoint® 4000 Wireless Access Points

Firetide HotPoint wireless access points deliver a modular access solution for large scale, indoor and outdoor wireless mesh networks. Modular design enables full network and software integration with a Firetide wireless mesh network while permitting independent physical placement of the hardware to provide optimal accessibility for Wi-Fi clients.

HotClient™ 2000 Wireless Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

The Firetide HotClient 2000 CPE provides a secure and reliable solution for extending the reach of outdoor wireless mesh networks to indoors. It enables operators deploying municipal and enterprise networks to maintain optimal user experience and connectivity anywhere.

HotView™ and HotView Pro™ Mesh Management Software

Each HotPort mesh node includes HotView management software for basic mesh configuration, monitoring and management. The optional HotView Pro mesh management software enables control of multiple mesh networks and larger mesh environments such as enterprise or metropolitan networks:

  • The MeshBridge feature allows multiple mesh networks on different radio spectrums and channels to form a single LAN or WAN environment with up to 1,000 mesh nodes
  • SNMP management allows network administrators to integrate management of HotPort mesh networks into a network management system such as HP OpenView or IBM NetView
  • A Web-based client provides connection to the HotView Pro Server through a web browser, eliminating the need to run a separate client application.

HotView Controller™

The HotView Controller is a software platform enabling advance wireless mesh backbone and Wi-F® access services. Working in concert with HotPort mesh nodes and HotPoint access points, the HotView Controller delivers high speed infrastructure mobility, seamless client roaming, and a platform for future functionality. The controller software is hardware independent and runs on standard servers.

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