Connect802 is a nationwide wireless network design and consulting company integrating 802.11 products and services in turnkey bundles.

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Certified 802.11 Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Consulting,
On-Site RF Spectrum Analysis Survey, and
Troubleshooting Services

Connect802 is a top, certified 802.11 Wi-Fi WLAN consulting, design, and on-site engineering company. We provide all the on-site wireless network consulting, RF spectrum analysis, test and measurement and engineering services you'll need to design, deploy, test, verify and troubleshoot your 802.11 wireless LAN.

We are your single source for wireless network consulting, WLAN equipment troubleshooting and consulting, 802.11 Wi-Fi network design, and all phases of the Wi-Fi network lifecycle including RF spectrum analysis consulting services.

We are specialists in 802.11n MIMO wireless network system design, 802.11n on-site and Predictive RF CAD Design consulting, and 802.11n Wi-Fi deployment.


Connect802 provides Wi-Fi consulting and services at the planning stage of Wi-Fi wireless LAN deployment, the needs-assessment and design stage, the deployment, installation, and configuration stage, and post-installation for site verification and troubleshooting. Our RF engineering consulting team can provide complete on-site survey, analysis and design services utilizing advanced 3-dimensional RF CAD modeling and simulation software to create a virtual representation of your site; to develop and test your design; and to avoid the pitfalls of trying to design, verify or troubleshoot an 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN by simply walking around on-site to perform an on-site wireless survey or Wi-Fi wireless LAN troubleshoot.

When you're troubleshooting your 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN network you need an awareness of the nature of RF (radio frequency) energy and how it propagates in the installation environment. You also need to identify and understand the influence of environmental noise, interfering Wi-Fi access points, and the inter-relationship between the Wi-Fi access point that form the intended network. Walking around a site with a Wi-Fi test and measurement tool or RF spectrum analyzer can't reveal all of the intricacies. It's impossible to measure 802.11 Wi-Fi signal characteristics in every square foot of a site and at all vertical heights. On-site 802.11 wireless LAN consulting and troubleshooting is too often simply a matter of making an incomplete set of measurements in a subset of the desired coverage area.

Connect802 addresses these challenges of creating a Wi-Fi network design, troubleshooting an 802.11 WLAN, or verifying proper signal coverage in an already installed wireless LAN network by augmenting on-site Wi-Fi wireless LAN engineering and consulting with 3-dimensional RF CAD modeling and simulation. This mix of advanced engineering CAD software and application of 802.11 test and measurement equipment with RF spectrum analysis for on-site engineering, consulting and troubleshooting provide you with a highly optimized WLAN wireless site survey, the most effective WLAN designs, world-class RF engineering and Wi-Fi troubleshooting, and properly documented, complete post-installation wireless network verification and validation consulting services including complete Wi-Fi RF spectrum analysis consulting utilizing full RF spectrum analyzer equipment.

Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Connect802 RF Consulting and Engineering Services Value Proposition

Why you will choose Connect802 to meet your wireless network planning, design, on-site engineering and consulting, troubleshooting, and post-installation verification requirements:

Wireless LAN network success begins with the network design. Connect802 RF design services enable the easy and remote creation of a well-designed network that can deliver maximum performance from the moment the system is powered on — the high cost associated with an iterative trial-and-error approach and multiple site surveys is eliminated. The integration of predictive RF CAD modeling and simulation in our comprehensive services enables site-specific 2D and 3D modeling that factors in all the major aspects that can impact network design, from the walls, doors, windows, stairwells and more in your environment to the number of users and the bandwidth requirements of your applications. The end result is an intelligent network plan that identifies the required equipment and ideal placement to achieve required performance levels — from the moment the network is deployed.

To complete the planning and deployment phase, Connect802 can also provide on-site validation and verification services to measure network performance to ensure your new deployment is meeting predicted performance levels — or check the performance of an existing WLAN. Connect802 802.11 Wi-Fi WLAN design and consulting services help you at each stage of the wireless LAN lifecycle: a site survey, recording live network data, and view an at-a-glance graphic visualization of data to ensure that your wireless applications and infrastructure are effectively deployed — and fully functional.

How you will decide that Connect802 Wi-Fi consulting services provide the best solution:

The Connect802 engineering team brings a deep understanding of RF engineering, technology standards and equipment operation to your design and consulting project. Instead of simply sending someone out to walk around and make some signal measurements, Connect802 has formalized the RF analysis process and integrated the formalized steps and tasks into an overall wireless network design and consulting strategy. The key deciding factors in favor of using Connect802 as your wireless LAN design and consulting partner are our extensive experience coupled with our professional methodology for organizing the RF analysis, design, and consulting workflow.

Where you will see the greatest value with by making Connect802 your design, consulting and engineering resource:

The value of professional Wi-Fi wireless LAN 802.11 WLAN design and consulting services comes from the fact that it's more expensive to have to go back on a job that doesn't work than to design and implement it correctly the first time.

When you are ready to buy wireless LAN consulting services from Connect802:

Talk to your Connect802 sales representative to discuss the various services that are applicable to your project. Connect802 will create a Statement of Work and an accompanying price quotation.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Consulting Services Details

Your Connect802 sales representative, working with the Connect802 engineering team, will provide complete explanations of the recommended wireless LAN consulting services for your project. Your on-site services and off-site engineering analysis and report development services will be tailored to your specific needs. The listing below provides a synopsis of our standard Wi-Fi wireless network consulting services.

  The Connect EZ Calibration Survey
(Includes Basic Channel and Noise Assessment)
[SSPSS required]

Using a test access point transmitter and signal strength measurement tools, a site’s RF characteristics are confirmed so that the predictive RF CAD models can be fine-tuned to most accurately represent the real world. In addition, a basic RF spectrum analyzer sweep is performed to identify the presence of other Wi-Fi transmitters or problematic noise or interference.

  Connect EZ Basic Spectrum Analysis
[SSPSS required]
Using an RF spectrum analyzer, a walk-through of the site is performed to isolate and describe normal, unusual, and problematic characteristics related to noise or interference. This is also the RF spectrum analysis service associated with on-site troubleshooting of RF-related problems. Normal behavior is generalized and only abnormal or significant types of conditions are called out.

  Connect EZ Expanded Spectrum Analysis
(Interference and Noise Isolation / Documentation)
[[SSPSS required
All noise or interference sources are identified, photographed, and their RF characteristics are measured and detailed in the delivered report. Normal RF characteristics are documented and each specific noise or interference source is individually called out and documented.

  Connect EZ Physical Site Assessment and Installation Planning
[SSPSS required]
All proposed and/or existing access point and antenna installation locations are photographed and documented relative to physical installation requirements, cable runs, and applicable safety and regulatory requirements. As required, a complete set of detailed installation instructions can be created.
  Connect EZ Standard Post-Installation Verification
[SSPSS not required]
A site walk-through is performed while measuring RF signal strength. Areas that do not meet minimum requirements are called out and overall signal levels are reported as annotations on a site plan.
  Expanded Post-Installation
[SSPSS not required]]
Multiple measurements are recorded in all rooms and hallways in the coverage area. “Heat Map” graphic displays of signal coverage are created and annotated. A full listing of all visible transmitters along with a graphic representation of areas that do not meet the required signal levels is included in the deliverable report. All anomalous behavior is called out and discussed.
  Real-Time Application Throughput Testing
[SSPSS required]
TCP/IP data throughput is measured using client/server testing software to quantify the actual data transfer rates available in the environment.
  Gap Analysis and Remediation Modeling
[SSPSS and Expanded Post-Installation Verification]

The 3-dimensional RF CAD model of the site is calibrated to represent the results of the post-installation verification. The calibrated model is then used to move, add, or reconfigure access points and antennas to remediate problem areas. A full set of Installer’s Working Plans is included showing any moves or adds to the initial design.


Gap Analysis and Remediation Planning
[SSPSS not required. Expanded Post-Installation Verification required. Utilizes 2-dimensional floorplan formatting and predictive modeling]

the results of the Expanded Post-Installation in place of a calibrated predictive model, access points are moved, added, or reconfigured to remediate problem areas.  The remediated models present a 2-dimensional view of the floorplan and can be used to identify installation locations. Detailed Installer’s Working Plans can be ordered as an option.

  Expanded Engineering Enhancements

The standard services described above are fairly well quantified and "productized" by Connect802 and can be easily quoted for most projects. It's not unusual for a project to require some degree of specialized engineering or design focus. This expanded scope of work is described in a project's Statement of Work and the results are detailed in separate report sections. Examples of Expanded Engineering Enhancements include:

  • Outdoor Point-to-Point Slant-Range Link Budget Analysis
  • In-Building 60 Hz Electromagnetic Noise (EMI) analysis
  • Equipment testing and comparative assessment

Special Engineering Focus on 802.11n MIMO Design, Analysis, and Troubleshooting

Today, everyone who's evaluating 802.11 equipment or planning for a wireless LAN system is highly aware of (and perhaps confused or suspicious about) IEEE 802.11n with Multiple-Input / Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology. The hype is a standard promising up to 600 Mbps connectivity rates with greater range than today's 802.11b/g or 802.11a equipment. Connect802 consulting and engineering services provide a special focus on 802.11n MIMO technology. We absolutely understand the inner-working of 802.11n: transmitter and receiver functional differences relative to 802.11a/b/g, packet preamble and control field structure, the physics of OFDM and MIMO and how scattering creates multiple spatial channels, the math and matrix arithmetic operations that underlie 802.11n, and the way today's manufacturers are implementing the IEEE 802.11n standards.

The two diagrams below are presented to provide a very general perspective on the way 802.11n issues and engineering concerns differ from conventional 802.11b/g or 802.11a. Connect802 absolutely understands how 802.11n works, why it works that way, and how 802.11n will provide you with opportunity and danger.


802.11n can achieve significant speed enhancement by transmitting multiple, simultaneous spatial streams which are recognized as distinct by the receiver. This Multiple-Input / Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology depends on signal reflections and scattering to be effective.

Conventional 802.11b/g and 802.11a design attempts to minimize signal reflections and maximize line-of-sight connectivity. This is the opposite of the design goals that seek to provide scattering and multi-path for 802.11n MIMO to deliver 300 Mbps connection rates.

An 802.11n network design can not be created
by simply walking around during a site survey
and measuring RF signal strength.


The 3-dimensional RF CAD modeling and simulation used by Connect802 does several key things to help assure that your 802.11n wireless LAN design will be optimized, maximized, and confirmed to be accurate:

The software is able to perform Ray Tracing to predict signal reflection and scattering. Propagating rays are calculated at 5 degree intervals through 6 points of reflection along each propagation path. In 3-dimensions, this translates to 5184 separate rays assessed over 31,104 scattering points. Our 802.11n design engineer can see, in detail, what the reflective contributions will be in an environment.

The software calculates 802.11n performance and can display a "heat map" with a color legend indicating the predicted connection rate in all parts of a coverage area based on the scattering influences in a building.

Connect802 design and on-site consulting services center around our application of 3-dimensional RF CAD modeling and simulation which is incorporated into our Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design design, calibration, and verification reports.

We invite you to challenge any of our competitors and we think you'll agree that the tools, on-site services, design methods, deliverable products, and expertise that Connect802 brings to a project is the best the industry has to offer!

At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

Targeted Discussion and Specifications For Connect802 Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Design Consulting Services

Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how a Connect802 wireless network consulting solution can be implemented to meet your requirements for a secure, easy-to-manage wireless LAN system.

Connect802 Wi-Fi Consulting Services - All Vendor's Equipment, All Radio Bands

  • Wi-Fi consulting services and wireless network design services
    • Wi-Fi design services for specialty Wi-Fi wireless networking solutions and all vendor's equipment including Cisco "thin" Access Point system design.
    • Cisco Certified Wireless LAN Support Specialist (CCWSP) and Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Design Specialists (CCWDS) are focused on consulting and support for the Cisco product mix. Connect802 expands on these capabilities with a broad, deep understanding of RF signal propagation and the multi-vendor environment.
  • WLAN, Wireless VoIP, CDMA, Point-to-Point, WiMAX, and legacy wired 802.3 Ethernet
    • Wireless network consulting for selection and system design for wireless VoIP telephones and wireless voice.
  • On-Site and remote expertise in key design, implementation, capacity planning, and troubleshooting areas
    • Wireless data bandwidth capacity and throughput analysis for wireless voice, streaming video, and data
  • Secure wireless networking and security audit support
    • Secure Wi-Fi, intrusion detection, rogue access point blocking, network forensics
    • Wireless network security is achievable by today's 802.11 commercial-grade WLAN equipment. WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, AES - "You can have as much Wi-Fi security as you want!"
  • We're experts using wireless protocol analyzers and providing analysis of packet-level trace files
    • WireShark, SnifferPRO Wireless, AirMagnet, AiroPeek NX, and more
Connect802 provides vendor-neutral wireless network consulting services for deploying and supporting wireless networking solutions. We can contract with your company to provide independent consulting with an RF engineering expert.

When you're depending on wireless technology to provide converged voice and data network services you can't settle for a "best guess" design or the potential for intermittent wireless internet access. Wireless products, whether they're providing wireless solutions for Wi-Fi hotspots or Wi-Fi phones, can't do their job unless they have a "clean" network in which to operate. Sophisticated Wi-Fi wireless LAN implementations need sophisticated design services and consulting services as an immediately available resource. Connect802 provides that resource with wireless network engineers ready to work with your on-site team, or independently, to deliver VoIP consulting services, VoIP network design, VoIP solutions, VoIP design tests and verification strategy, as well as full support for Wi-Fi data networking.We understand Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and we know that IP phones are evolving into full-fledged IP appliances. We understand Wi-Fi, 802.11 network engineering and Wi-Fi design. Our design consulting services (the Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design) provide the basis for a correct VoIP network design. After the wireless VoIP gateway has been installed, we know that voice quality and VoIP design tests are part of the network verification strategy. We recognize that the quality of any IP phone is judged on many criteria, and we understand how to deal with the network issues associated with VoIP.


Our virtual site survey services provide accurate installation designs. We are experts in the use of network protocol analysis tools and the interpretation of the packet capture trace files obtained with tools like Wireshark, AirMagnet, WildPackets AiroPeek or EtherPeek products, and other similar tools. We can validate the RF characteristics of a site with advanced on-site consulting services as well as IP network evaluation.

At Connect802 we aren't just another Wi-Fi wireless networking startup company. We've been in business since 1994 providing network support and technology education across the United States and in Europe. We can help you with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inventory tagging systems design, Wireless Medical Telemetry (WMTS) design, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint outdoor RF systems including WiMAX (802.16), and CDMA EV-DO, 2.5G and 3G cellular systems. We're happy to discuss your wireless network challenge and we'll tell you what we know about your engineering issues. Got questions? ...just give us a call to talk to one of our engineers for a no-cost, no-obligation conversation about meeting your communication system goals.

The Certified Wireless Network Expert Program
Connect802 is proud to join with major manufacturer's across the country who support, recommend, or require engineers to obtain professional certification under the CWNP industry-standard wireless network certification program. Not only do we support the certification program, we have Certified CWNP Instructors on staff in our RF engineering team!
Connect802 consulting and design services follow the scope and depth of services defined as "best practice" by the CWNP certification group. These include:
Service Description
Security A comprehensive evaluation of your security posture. Understanding your current security state is an integral step to securing your sensitive data and meeting regulatory requirements.
Consulting Services High level technical engineering engagement used to assess client/prospect business requirements, identify short and long-term business strategies and develop and present a comprehensive solutions road map to meet and/or exceed client/prospect expectations.
Network Assessment A 'troubleshooting' approach for determining the optimum functioning and operation of the network infrastructure. Outcome of the assessment will be to make recommendations as to a course of action for returning the network to optimum performance and/or effect necessary troubleshooting procedures to achieve the same level of performance.
Project Management Assignment of a senior engineer w/PM experience on virtually every project to ensure all deliverable tasks are performed on-time and on-budget. The PM will become the primary partner and end-user liaison providing all pertinent and necessary communication as to project progress.
Network Design Engineer(s) will design a complete and optimized LAN/WLAN and cable plant infrastructure.
Radio Frequency (RF) Design RF engineer(s) provide an on-site survey, analysis and design (including RF propagation and channel interference) for the proposed wireless network infrastructure.
Network Deployment Technicians deploy associated components designed by our engineering staff.
Network Configuration Senior engineer(s) configure the associated WLAN controllers.
Network Certification Upon completion of the design, deployment and configuration process, an engineer will perform a network certification process to ensure network performance optimization. Any disparities from the design specification document will automatically be resolved through further design and/or deployment corrections.
WLAN Training On-site training session for organizational management and sales staff on industry/market trends, current and future technology platforms, and identification of wireless candidates. Assistance with sales drivers that qualify and close opportunities. On-site training session for end-users and business partners on WLAN technology and products.
Product Evaluation and Recommendation Performance analysis, standards-based assessments, and competitive analysis on 802.11 WLAN equipment. This type of testing may also include short- and long-term product beta testing, product roadmap development, and strategic partnership recommendations and coordination.
Sales Support The sales support function is intended to be used as an SME extension to assist in the business opportunity assessment and qualification for any partner's targeted strategic customer or prospect.
Documentation A comprehensive network infrastructure design and deployment report will be constructed to include: RF propagation, channelization, power settings, interference sources, etc.
  • WiFi Consultant
  • Wireless Consulting
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Wireless LAN Site Surveys
  • Cisco Certified Wireless LAN Consulting
  • Top Wireless Consultants
  • Wireless System Design
  • Wireless Network Consultant
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist
  • Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer
  • RF Spectrum Analysis Solutions
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Video Security