Connect802 is a nationwide Colubris Networks reseller providing Colubris system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Connect802 and Colubris Networks

The Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution provides secure, centrally-managed 802.11b/g, 802.11a, and 802.11n Wi-Fi access points to support a scalable, turnkey Wi-Fi network

Through the end of 2012, Connect802 was an authorized HP and Colubris reseller. Because we found so few reasons to sell HP or Colubris equipment our authorized status ended. Please contact HP directly to find an authorized reseller.


The Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution provides a comprehensive, secure solution for enterprises and service providers that is secure and seamlessly integrates with existing networking infrastructure, security, and management systems. Connect802 believes that Colubris Networks provides the best commercial-grade, enterprise-class ruggedized stand-alone access point equipment with full, central management capabilities. With Colubris Networks equipment you get: Single Radio 802.11b/g Access Points with Antenna Diversity. Unlike thin/lite wireless access points, the Colubris MAP feature set is abundantly rich, dispensing multiple network services, enforcing robust security policies and delivering high performance client access. MAPs are integral components of the Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution and they're centrally controlled by MultiService Controllers (MSCs) for ease of deployment and centralized management.

  • Dual Radio 802.11b/g/a Access Points for Wireless Backhaul Connectivity (Wireless Distribution System)
  • Automatic Channel Selection and Self-Healing Power Adjustment for Continuous Optimization
  • Multiple SSID (Network Name) Broadcast with VLAN Segregation
  • Fast Handoff Within and Across Subnet Boundaries
  • Ruggedized, Weatherproof Outdoor Radios and Plenum-Rated Indoor Radios
  • Indoor Access Points Allow Ethernet Daisy-Chaining to Minimize Cable Requirements

Colubris Networks is the leading global provider of intelligent wireless networks (WLANs) for enterprises and service providers. Based on the industry’s first optimized WLAN switch architecture, Colubris systems combine centralized management with intelligent access points to deliver unmatched performance, bandwidth efficiency, seamless mobility, and secure, easy user access. More than 40 million users and 1,500 organizations across the healthcare, manufacturing, education, hospitality, service provider and transportation sectors rely on Colubris solutions. Colubris provides mobile access to business critical applications, guest/public Internet access, VoWLAN and FMC services, and video surveillance, delivering an unbeatable combination of performance, scalability and price to organizations worldwide.

Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Colubris Networks Intelligent Mobility Solution Value Proposition

Why you will choose Colubris Networks:
When you need a commercial-grade, enterprise-class Wi-Fi wireless network you can be sure that a wireless LAN system using the Colubris Mobility System will provide a comprehensive, secure solution. Connect802 utilizes predictive RF CAD modeling to develop a Colubris Networks system design that avoids weak coverage and "dead spots" in your Wi-Fi wireless LAN. Colubris Networks Multi-Service access points and the Colubris Mobility Solution create a very easy to manage 802.11b/g, 802.11a, or 802.11n (with 802.11a and b/g) wireless LAN system without demanding that an on-site network administrator become a wireless LAN firewall expert. Colubris Multi-Service access points can be configured into a stand-alone architecture ("FAT" access points operating independently) or they can become part of a centrally managed Wi-Fi system with the Colubris Network Management System.
How you will decide that Colubris Networks provides the best solution:

If you need a secure, enterprise-class Wi-Fi wireless network that provides support for 802.11b/g, 802.11a, and 802.11n you'll find that Colubris Networks will be a cost-effective solution. The stand-alone ("autonomous mode") configuration mode allows the security, radio management, and configuration options in individual Multi-Service access points to be easily set through the built-in Web interface. When a Colubris Wi-Fi wireless LAN is operating as part of a centrally managed Wi-Fi network system ("controlled mode") all configuration settings are made at the central WLAN controller and they're pushed out to the Multi-Service access points. The key deciding factor in favor of a Colubris Networks Wi-Fi system will be the need for strong control and management features with straightforward deployment, configuration, and management.

It's not a question of "better", it's a question of "different." Talk to your Connect802 sales representative about where we see the best fit for your application
Where you will see the greatest value with Colubris Networks:
When you need advanced security and multiple-SSID support with options for either centralized management or stand-alone access point deployment, but you don't need the broad scope of advanced firewall rules, policies, and user groups that are associated with a more elaborate wireless LAN switch system, the Colubris Networks Intelligent Mobility Solution will give you a highly cost-effective solution.
When you are ready to buy a Colubris Networks solution:

Colubris system designs can combine Connect802's 3-dimensional RF CAD Modeling and Simulation design and consulting services with Colubris Networks Multi-Service Access Points and Intelligent Mobility Management software to provide you with a complete Wi-Fi wireless LAN system. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase Colubris Networks equipment without the bundled RF design and consulting services. When you choose a turnkey wireless LAN system you'll start by uploading a copy of your sites floor plans (or outdoor area map) through the on-line Connect802 File Submission System. Your plans will be evaluated to develop a price quotation for your project.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Colubris Networks Intelligent Mobility Solution
Equipment and Software Details

Colubris Networks Multi-Service Access Points (MAP Access Points), Wireless Access Points (WAP Access Points) and Wireless Client Bridges (WCB Access Points) can be configured to operate in a stand-alone "Autonomous Mode" or they can be part of a centrally managed Wi-Fi system in "Controlled Mode." An initial small-scale Autonomous Mode implementation can be reconfigured for Controlled Mode operation as the Wi-Fi wireless LAN grows in size. Connect802 is ready to provide design consulting, product sales, pre-configuration and equipment staging, and full installation support for the Colubris Networks Intelligent Mobility Solution. All Colubris Access Points provide a core set of security, management, and configuration options that include:

  • Centrally manageable as part of Colubris Intelligent MultiService System
  • Client authentication through 802.1x RADIUS
  • Multiple SSID support with VLAN mapping
  • Configurable MAC and protocol filtering and Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • RF Manager to continuously pinpoint and block security threats
  • Real-Time Location Services (including locating rogue devices on a floor plan display)
  • Packet Capture support for remote wireless LAN troubleshooting (Wireshark, AiroPeek)
  • Pre-defined management reports for HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and DoD Directive 1800.2


Colubris MAP-625 802.11n + a/b/g MultiService Access Point (MAP)

  • Dual 802.11n+abg radios, separately software configurable
  • Standard 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet with no reduction in transmitter or MIMO capability
  • Integrated (or external) 3X3 MIMO antenna array
  • Signaling rate up to 300 Mbps with full, current 802.11n compliance
  • Supports the full MAP feature set and integrates seamlessly into the Colubris Network Management System umbrella
  • Operates in Controlled (centrally-managed) or Autonomous (stand-alone) mode
  • Quality-of-Service (QoS), Local Mesh, SSID-to-VLAN Mapping
  • WPA / RC4 and WPA2 / AES Encryption (802.11i), 802.11e Wireless Multimedia (WMM) with Power save
  • 802.1x/EAP RADIUS integration, 802.11d and 802.11h

802.11n Multiple-Input / Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology utilizes reflected and scattered RF signals to create multiple data streams between the transmitter and receiver. Conventional 802.11a/b/g receivers can experience signal degradation, lost and corrupted data packets, and connectivity problems in the presence of signal reflections. What's bad for 802.11a/b/g is good for 802.11n!

The technicalities underlying an 802.11n wireless LAN design are dramatically different than those applied to 802.11a/b/g network systems. Connect802's trained RF engineering team understands how to properly design an 802.11n network and our 802.11n design and consulting services will help assure that the maximum potential for throughput with 802.11n is realized.

An 802.11n network design can not be created
by simply walking around during a site survey
and measuring RF signal strength.


Colubris Outdoor 802.11a/b/g MultiService Access Point (MAP)
- MAP-320R Single Radio
- MAP-330R Dual Radio

The Colubris "R" Series provides a weatherproof die-cast aluminum outdoor-rated case with a weatherproof Ethernet cable connection and two weatherproof N-Type antenna connectors. The unit is powered using 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet. The MAP-320R has a single, software configurable 802.11a/b/g radio with diversity antennas. The MAP-330R has two 802.11a/b/g radios which are separately configurable.

  • Weatherproof 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet RJ-45 connector
  • Includes pole and surface mounting kit
  • Configurable in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint WDS bridge and self-healing, self-optimizing mesh modes both with source-to-destination traffic forwarding to maximize application response time
  • WPA / RC4 and WPA2 / AES Encryption (802.11i), 802.11e Wireless Multimedia (WMM) with Powersave
  • 802.1x/EAP RADIUS integration, 802.11d and 802.11h
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20C (-4F) to +50C (122F) Humidity: 95% non-condensing

Colubris Indoor 802.11a/b/g Multi-Service Access Point (MAP)
- MAP-320 Single Radio
- MAP-330 Dual Radio
- MAP-330 Integrated Sensor/AP

The unit is powered using 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet or an AC adapter. The MAP-320 has a single, software configurable 802.11a/b/g radio with diversity antennas. The MAP-330 has two 802.11a/b/g radios which are separately configurable.

The MAP-330 Integrated Sensor AP is a dual-radio unit with one radio providing normal client access and wireless distribution system or mesh connectivity and the other radio dedicated to wireless network monitoring. This provides continuous WLAN intrusion detection and prevention (as opposed to access points that operate in "part time" monitoring mode). The MAP-330 Integrated Sensor/AP supports full-frequency scans (including out-of-region frequencies) and detects over 140 different WLAN events, threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Simplified wall or ceiling mounting (including 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet)
  • Two RP-SMA external antenna connectors
  • Configurable in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint WDS bridge and self-healing, self-optimizing mesh modes both with source-to-destination traffic forwarding to maximize application response time
  • WPA / RC4 and WPA2 / AES Encryption (802.11i), 802.11e Wireless Multimedia (WMM) with Powersave
  • 802.1x/EAP RADIUS integration, 802.11d and 802.11h
This is one of the only devices you'll find that can interconnect with RS-232 equipment

Colubris WAP-200 Wireless Access Point / Wireless Client Bridge

The WAP (Wireless Access Point) version has a smaller physical form factor and some limitations on its support for Quality of Service enforcement. It supports a maximum of two broadcast SSIDs which limits it to providing separate authentication and control of two different user groups. It can be an edge node in a Wireless Distribution System but it does not support Colubris Mesh Protocol for dynamic mesh interconnection.

  • Bridges an Ethernet LAN segment or serial interface to WLAN
  • Capacity to bridge Ethernet segments with up to 20 client stations
  • Converts a TIA-232 serial data stream to TCP/IP over WLAN
  • WPA2, WPA and WEP security for WLAN privacy
  • Hardware-assisted AES and RC4 encryption delivers high performance
  • Configurable 802.11 a/b/g radio with external antenna connectors
  • 100 milliwatt radio and antenna diversity provide excellent distance performance
  • Plenum rated metal enclosure

The Colubris MultiService Controller (MSC)
with Built-In Visitor-Access Hotspot Gateway

  • Colubris MultiService Controller MSC-5100 (100 guests/10 MAPs)
  • Colubris MultiService Controller MSC-5200 (500 guests/40 MAPs)
  • Colubris MultiService Controller MSC-5500 (2000 guests/100 MAPs)
  • Colubris MSC-3200R Outdoor MultiService Controller (100 guests/Built-In MAP)

Overview of the Colubris MultiService Controller

The MSC provides a powerful central management solution for configuring, controlling, managing, and monitoring multiple MultiService Access Points. The Colubris 802.11n-ready MultiService Controller (MSC) 5000 Series brings high performance and scalability to wireless networks of all sizes. MSCs centrally control the operation of the wireless network, provisioning a broad range of identity- and roles-based services to ensure consistent QoS and security to clients that use and roam across the network. An integral component of the Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution, the MSC pushes policies to MultiService Access Points (MAPs) at the network edge, where traffic is forwarded directly from source to destination.

The MSC enables the creation of up to 16 Virtual Service Communities (VSCs). Membership in a VSC is determined by the SSID or the physical access point to which the user is associated. Each VSC has its own configuration settings and types of services including

  • Access control, encryption, and authentication mechanism
  • SSID and VLAN mapping
  • Data rate limitation and bandwidth control
  • MAC authentication
  • GRE tunneling and egress traffic routing
  • RFC 1812 routing-compliant including RIP V1 and V2 and CIDR
  • IPSec and PPTP client support

Enterprise Mobility

Layer 3 Mobility enables client stations to move between access points that are connected to different IP subnets while maintaining their assigned IP address. Data from clients on the local subnet is forwarded directly to the destination or the default gateway while mobile ('foreign') clients are routed back to the MSC using Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE).

Colubris MultiService Controller Visitor-Access Hotspot Gateway Features

The MSC provides a powerful central solution for deploying public access wireless
networks that must cover large physical areas and support many users. The MultiService Controller is designed to operate in conjunction with the complete family of Colubris Networks MultiService access points. The MSC provides reliable, secure user authentication, per user billing support, service presentation, and centralized hotspot networking functions. Its flexible software feature set also supports a range of centralized or distributed access control and service management architectures. When a user associates to an SSID that is mapped to the MSC gateway they authenticate through a captive-portal web-based login page and they're placed into a particular Virtual Service Community.


The Colubris Visitor Management Tool (VMT)

The Colubris Visitor Management Tool is a software application that runs on a Window's PC and gives a non-technical user a way to manage visitors and guests. This is the ideal solution for a receptionist or counter worker to provide credentials for guest access when visitors arrive at your site. The Colubris Visitor Management Tool provides:

  • Secure access to the management tool using X.509 certificates which are automatically generated by the VMT software
  • A Windows client application to manage visitor access to the wireless LAN
  • Batch creation and delayed activation of user accounts
  • Printing of account vouchers (i.e. receptionist prints access voucher for visitor)
  • Display of remaining online time for time-limited user accounts (including subscription accounts)
  • Maintenance and display of administrative event and user tracking logs


The Colubris RF Manager (utilizing MAP-330 Sensor/APs)

The Colubris Networks RF Manager is an appliance-based device that detects rogue access points, monitors RF signal levels and noise, and verifies that all users are properly authenticated to the wireless LAN. The Colubris RF Manager manages only Colubris access points however it can identify the presence of a rogue device from any manufacturer. The large feature set and variety of wireless security management tasks performed provides both wireless network security functionality as well as RF monitoring. The Colubris RF Manager appliance detects and connects to Colubris MAP-330 Sensor/APs for use in monitoring the wireless LAN.

Developed jointly with AirTight Networks(TM), the leader in Wi-Fi perimeter security, the Colubris RF Manager ensures consistent RF performance and sets a new standard for defending networks from WLAN threats. It uses AirTight's patent-pending technology to provide comprehensive threat detection and prevention, automatic classification without false positives, visualization of real-time RF coverage patterns, and the most accurate client and access point (AP) location tracking available. Real-time threat prevention automatically blocks more than 20 simultaneous threats across multiple channels and frequency bands per RF sensor, without disrupting normal WLAN traffic. Together with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and DoD reporting templates, these features meet the most demanding enterprise WLAN security requirements.

Features of the Colubris RF Manager include:

  • Enforce a unique security and authentication policy for each subnet
  • Enforce an Intrusion Prevention policy whereby rogue access points are identified and action is taken to categorize or block them
  • SNMP interface to L2 switches to block Ethernet ports used by rogue access points
  • Quarantine a client (prevent the client from associating to the network)
  • Identify misconfigured APs, man-in-the-middle attacks, suspect client activity
  • Report top devices by events, bandwidth, signal strength, noise
  • View current and historical information about devices, clients, and events
  • View RF coverage "heat maps" to identify weak areas, shadow zones, or "dead spots"
  • View coverage zone maps showing which channel will be available for connection at each point in the area
  • View link speed estimates of the maximum downlink rate at which a client at each point in the plan will connect to an access point
  • Locate a device on the site plan by MAC address, username, or other criteria

The Colubris Network Management System

When a very large-scale implementation requires the deployment of a number of MultiService Controllers then all of the MSCs can be brought under a single management and reporting umbrella using the Colubris Network Management System (NMS)

The Colubris Network Management System (NMS) is a standalone WLAN management system that centralizes all configuration, performance monitoring, fault management, and troubleshooting functions for the Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution. Designed to simplify deployment and minimize network operational costs, the Colubris NMS features an embedded database, and scales easily from small WLANs to large networks servicing tens of thousands of client devices. Because it communicates with Colubris MultiService Controllers (MSCs) and Access Points (MAPs) using standard Internet protocols, NMS can manage any network topology, from a local campus network to a large, geographically-distributed network that spans hundreds of locations.

NMS is offered as a turn-key appliance that is quick and easy to install, or as application software that runs on specified PC servers. An intuitive browser-based GUI makes configuration and ongoing management easy no matter which model you choose. Licensing for the Colubris NMS is based on network size, making it a cost-effective management solution for networks ranging from a few to thousands of access points.

  • Automatically discovers Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution network elements for fast, easy deployment
  • Automates the configuration of over 200 element settings, plus software distribution, eliminating potential human errors
  • Provides accurate troubleshooting data through real time network and user-level monitoring
  • Continuously audits security policies to ensure consistent enforcement
  • Includes a reporting package that supplies detailed trending information to facilitate capacity planning
  • Allows secure, remote management from any Web browser
  • Supports unified LAN/WLAN management with an HP OpenView plug-in module and SNMP interface
  • Scalable software architecture provides a seamless upgrade path
At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

Targeted Discussion and Specifications For The Colubris Networks Intelligent Mobility Solution

You'll find numerous Web references and reviews of the Colubris Networks Intelligent Mobility Solution. Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how a Colubris solution can be implemented to meet your requirements for a secure, easy-to-manage wireless LAN system.


Wireless networking is more than just a tool for mobile connectivity, it's a technology that can differentiate you from the competition and help you surpass business goals. Founded in 2000, Colubris Networks understands the endless opportunities inherent in wireless LAN (WLAN) technology and delivers intelligent WLAN solutions that optimize mobility and performance for the world's largest wireline and wireless carriers, and leading enterprises and institutions in the hospitality, manufacturing, transportation and healthcare markets. Through its award-winning Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution, an optimized WLAN switching system, Colubris is the first company to offer all of the benefits of centralized WLAN management without the performance and congestion penalties associated with first generation WLAN switches. For service providers and enterprises, Colubris provides:

  • Reliability: Colubris WLANs have been accessed by more than 40 million unique users across the globe.
  • Scalability: Ability to scale from a small site to large distributed multinational networks.
  • Performance optimization: By distributing intelligence across the WLAN, the Colubris Solution eliminates 98% of backbone bandwidth load generated by conventional switches, while centralizing deployment and operation.
  • Investment protection: Distributed intelligence provides a cost-effective migration path to next generation WLAN technologies, including 802.11n.
  • Simplicity: Plug-and-play features speed deployment and ease ongoing management, while users experience fast, easy mobile access to a wide range of applications from any device type.

The award-winning Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution is a complete, optimized WLAN switching system that enables enterprises to extend the services of a wired network infrastructure to wireless users, delivering a more diverse set of applications, providing network access via a multitude of devices, and ultimately boosting business productivity. For service providers, the Colubris Solution enables fast deployment of new, higher-margin services, creating new growth opportunities while maintaining low cost-of-management.

The Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution is built from the ground up to provide organizations with everything they need to pursue wireless networking opportunities:

  • High performance: Based on the industry's first optimized WLAN switch architecture, the Colubris Solution delivers unparalleled performance, efficiency, and scalability.
  • Centralized management and control: The Colubris Solution provides an intelligent central management and control point with its multiservice controllers. Organizations can easily control access points to provide roaming, enforce consistent security and QoS policies, and automates access point configuration to minimize deployment and operation costs.
  • Multi-layer security: Strong authentication, encryption, filtering, and VLAN tagging policies are applied on a per-user basis at the network perimeter using a multi-layer approach. In addition, RF security sensors provide a layer of security that automatically identifies and blocks wireless network attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Investment protection: The Colubris Solution gives organizations the agility to quickly support new WLAN standards that increase performance and deliver new applications, while scaling and expanding RF coverage as needs evolve.
  • Consistent QoS: The Colubris Solution ensures end-to-end performance and tailors QoS to meet the needs of all applications, such as guest Internet access, wireless telephony and fixed mobile convergence.
  • Network efficiency and reliability: With over 40 million unique users having accessed a Colubris WLAN, the Colubris Solution assures users a hassle-free experience, with fast and reliable mobile access to a wide range of applications from any device.
  • Integration with wired networks: Designed to compliment, not duplicate, existing network infrastructures, the Colubris Solution exposes WLAN traffic flows to existing wired network security systems and authenticates users against central AAA security servers for assignment of consistent identity-based privileges.

The Colubris Product Family
The Colubris product family is modular and highly scalable. Each network element comes with built-in intelligence that delivers consistent high performance as your network grows.

MultiService Controllers (MSC)
Colubris MultiService Controllers (MSC) are the central nervous system of the Colubris Solution, controlling the configuration, operation, and management of Colubris MultiService Access Points. MSCs ensure consistent quality and security as clients roam throughout the network. With plug-and-play capabilities, Colubris MSCs simplify WLAN deployment and minimize network operation costs.

MSCs compose the control plane in then Colubris Optimized WLAN Switch Architecture, centrally controlling a network of up to hundreds of multiservice access points per MSC. The architecture offers all the benefits of centralized management and control without the traditional penalty of centralized switching, reducing backbone traffic by as much as 98% compared to other WLAN solutions. Public/Guest Internet Access Service is included as a feature in all MSC configurations, providing secure Internet access to deliver the best possible user experience.

Network Management System (NMS)
The Colubris Network Management System (NMS) is a standalone WLAN management system that centralizes all configuration, performance monitoring, fault management, and troubleshooting functions for the Colubris Solution. Designed to simplify deployment and minimize network operational costs, a single NMS can manage large networks of thousands of controllers and access points at geographically remote locations.

NMS is offered as a turn-key appliance that is quick and easy to install, or as application software that runs on specified PC servers. Licensing for the Colubris NMS is based on network size, making it a cost-effective management solution.

MultiService Access Points (MAP)
When deployed as part of the Colubris Solution, Colubris MultiService Access Points (MAPs) create a centrally-managed multiservice WLAN infrastructure with seamless roaming between access points. Designed for plug-and-play deployment, MAPs are controlled by MSCs, using an advanced protocol to automate configuration while ensuring continuous security and availability. MAPs are designed to satisfy the most demanding enterprise and service provider applications, while ensuring that configurations and software versions are synchronized across the WLAN.

Colubris MAPs can deliver as many as 16 different WLAN services, multiplying the flexibility and value of the infrastructure. The Colubris Solution ensures each service is consistently delivered by each MAP, while traffic is segmented for security. Customers can deploy a range of services, including public/guest Internet access, secure data, voice and video. Each service is mapped to a unique SSID and MAC address (BSSID), enabling client devices to quickly identify and associate with the service they need while ensuring complete interoperability with third-party client devices.

MAPs offer versatile support for traditional standalone network topologies. They are easily configured for autonomous mode operation, providing access to a rich set of features through local management interfaces. In autonomous mode, MAPs offer support for Local Mesh Protocol, an easy to configure wireless backhaul network, and the access point provides configurable QoS, security and a range of filtering capabilities.

RF Manager and Planner
The Colubris RF Manager delivers to the wireless network the same comprehensive protection as a wired network firewall and IPS. It automatically identifies and prevents security risks and attacks, graphically displays the location of wireless devices, provides real-time network audits and assists in RF performance troubleshooting. The RF Planner accurately models WLAN coverage by factoring in physical variables and WLAN equipment characteristics and facilitates deployment by enabling the assessment of security risks.

Colubris Operating System (COS)
The Colubris Operating System is embedded in all system components and creates a unified platform for consistent delivery of WLAN services. With COS, a wide array of mobile applications can be delivered easily across a single WLAN infrastructure, including voice, data, and video services.

What does "Colubris" mean?

Hummingbirds are members of the Archilochus genus. The Archilochus Colubris is the well known Ruby-throated Hummingbird shown to the right. The Colubris is capable of traveling astounding distances even though they are of small size. They can fly non-stop across the Gulf of Mexico

It's small but it can go a long way - like a Colubris access point