802.11 wireless LAN and IP network engineering books that Connect802 recommends. This is part of how a WLAN engineer learns about wireless network technology!

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Looking for a Good Book?

We recommend that every Wi-Fi wireless LAN engineer have these titles in their library.


Recommended Reading and Reference Books

Troubleshooting Campus Networks (Oppenheimer/Bardwell)
Here is the definitive text on network communication protocols with special focus on the Cisco switch and router environment. The content is technically detailed but the narrative style makes the topics clear to readers of many levels of experience. The chapter on 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networking explains the basics of the technology and the protocol level interactions. Co-authored by Priscilla Oppenheimer ("Top Down Network Design", Cisco Press) and Joe Bardwell, Chief Scientist, Connect802 Corporation. This is the book the authors wrote in response to people telling them, "You should write a book!" Click the book icon on the left to read reviews and purchase through Amazon.com.

Top Down Network Design (Oppenheimer)
Recognized as one of the most significant Ethernet network design and analysis texts, this is a "must have" for the serious network designer, administrator, or system engineer. Priscilla Oppenheimer presents practical application information on network design for enterprise environments and discusses how networking technologies and protocols work together so that designers can create the most efficient, effective enterprise networks. Click the book icon on the left to read reviews and purchase through Amazon.com.

Wireless Communications (Rappaport)
This textbook on wireless communications technology and system design covers the details of RF engineering issues affecting all wireless networks. The text includes many tables and formulas and is great for students and practicing wireless engineers. The Predictor software that Connect802 uses for RF modeling and simulation grew out of Theodore Rappaport's PHD research at Purdue University. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors at Wireless Valley, Inc. Click the book icon on the left to read reviews and purchase through Amazon.com

Network Analysis and Troubleshooting (Haugdahl)
Scott Haugdahl brings many years of practical, field troubleshooting knowledge and methodology into one place in this book. He is the inventor of the NetSense artificial intelligence expert system software forming the core engine in WildPackets' EtherPeek NX and AiroPeek NX network analysis tools. Although the book focuses solely on Ethernet network analysis, the principles and methods are totally applicable to IP and other client/server behaviors across a Wi-Fi wireless network.

Cisco Networking Simplified (Doherty/Maggiora)
The title says "Cisco" but this is, in our opinion, the absolute best general networking concepts book we've ever seen! For people who are new to network technology, this book presents Wi-Fi, cellular, Ethernet, switching, routing, firewalls, DNS, IP addressing, and a broad range of other topics in completely clear, non-"geek" style. Using colorful diagrams and pictures, the text explains what each network component does, and how it works. We've found this to be the first book a new technical sales representative or business decision maker should read to get a solid perspective on technology without having to become an engineer to understand it.


Wireless Local Area Networks (Bing)
The book provides a broad scope of in-depth engineering detail with chapters written by leading technology experts in the wireless networking field. Each of the IEEE 802.11 working group standards is discussed (802.11a,b,g,e,i, etc). and the relationship between 802.11 Wi-Fi and 3G cellular is explained. You'll also find the opening chapter, written in conjunction with WildPackets, provides an excellent discussion of the AiroPeek network protocol analyzer and the packet-level details (including field description) that can be analyzed.
Certified Wireless Network Engineer Study Guides (Planet 3 Wireless)
These study guides are the definitive way to prepare for the industry-standard Wi-Fi engineering certification exams for Certified Wireless Network Analyst (CWNA) and Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP). The CWNA curriculum covers 802.11 operation in detail, including RF propagation problems, antenna selection, and general design. The CWSP curriculum explains Wi-Fi security with a focus on configuration and vendor options including RADIUS, WPA, and 802.11i.