An 802.11 antenna tutorial discussing antenna gain and providing and explanation of antenna propagation graphs. Buy high-gain 802.11 antennas from Connect802 when you need the right antenna system design.

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Understanding 802.11 Antennas

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Antenna Pattern Polar Coordinate Graphs

Understanding the Antenna Pattern Graphs
The graphs show signal field strength from a "side view" (called the Elevation view, or "E-Graph"). You're standing in a big room looking across the room at the antenna. This is as opposed to the "top view" (called an Azimuth view or Horizontal view or H-Graph). All the graphs are E-Graphs, no H-Graphs are shown. If you're an electronics engineer then you'll also appreciate that "E" and "H" have significance beyond the memory aid of Elevation and Horizontal.
  • A conductive structure specifically designed to couple or radiate electromagnetic energy. In RFID systems, the antenna may be used to both transmit and receive electromagnetic energy.