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AirTight Networks has changed its name
to Mojo Networks

Advanced Data Analytics has been added to the existing AirTight Cloud-Managed WiFi Wireless LAN Intrusion Detection and Prevention with Comprehensive WLAN and User Performance Metrics

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AirTight extends the capabilities and features of a legacy wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) to not only monitor the radio spectrum for the presence of unauthorized access points but to provide traffic analysis and performance monitoring for your entire wireless network. The AirTight SpectraGuard system provides comprehensive oversight of your WiFi performance and security.

In today's complex and evolving wireless LAN environments, the need to monitor and troubleshoot Wi-Fi devices and obtain Wi-Fi diagnostics is a fundamental wireless network management requirement. To optimize the investment in a WLAN system you have to optimize WiFi speed, performance and capacity. Wireless LAN performance issues along with wireless network security vulnerability (the presence of rogue access points, hacking attacks, Denial of Service attacks, etc.) form the basis for comprehensive and proactive WiFi wireless LAN management.

Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The AirTight SpectraGuard Value Proposition

AirTight provides on-site sensor hardware and a cloud-based management and control system to allow comprehensive wireless network performance monitoring and reporting as well as active intrusion detection plus intrusion prevention (unauthorized devices are prevented from joining and using unauthorized wireless LANS).
  • Each AirTight SpectraGuard sensor will monitor and protect an area roughly equal to that covered by between four and six 802.11 access points
  • The SpectraGuard wireless intrusion protection system (WIPS) monitoring sensors are centrally managed across the Internet using the AirTight cloud-based management, reporting and control system
  • The AirTight on-line system provides complete compilation and reporting of network performance statistics including email, text message (SMS) and syslog event notification
  • All access points and client WiFi devices visible in the protected area are classified and either allowed or actively blocked by the AirTight SpectraGuard sensor (this is referred to as "active countermeasures" as opposed to simply reporting the existence of rogue access points or unauthorized client devices.)

The AirTight SpectraGuard Sensor

A Complete View of Your Wireless Network Environment


Monitoring the performance of your wireless LAN allows administrators to better optimize the configuration of the wireless LAN, troubleshoot and analyze wireless LAN problems, and identify trends in usage to best plan for future capacity and throughput requirements.

There are a variety of alternatives available for monitoring wireless networks that range from simple controller statistics and error log reports to per-user and per-area detailed compilations of wireless LAN statistics. There are a variety of wireless LAN rogue access point detection methods. The problem with simple wireless LAN controller statistics and monitoring is that you have very limited tools with which to mitigate problems. A wireless LAN controller's security features may provide rogue access point detection but "detection" simply means that an access point is seen that is not part of the WLAN system.

  • The AirTight SpectraGuard intrusion prevention and protection system is a fully automated threat protection and performance monitoring solution.
  • The AirTight WIPS sensor detects, evaluates and protects 802.11b/g, 802.11a and 802.11n simultaneously
  • AirTight's patented Auto-Classification mechanism provides accurate device classification and enforcement of security policies on access points and client devices including notification, reporting and blocking.
  • SpectraGuard correlates events to eliminate redundant alarms and then provides forensic detail (and recommended remediation) along with the current and historical location of the threat device allowing a straightforward root cause analysis.
  • AirTight provides over 200 attack signatures and, because the central control server is implemented by AirTight in the cloud, zero-day attacks can be quickly mitigated.
  • Administrators can securely access the central management console via their web browser from anywhere on the Internet. They can remotely manage everything from viewing and responding to wireless security alerts to changing settings on Wi-Fi APs at distributed locations.
Why you will choose AirTight Spectraguard for your WLAN security and performance monitoring

You'll discover that there are several fundamental types of monitoring system in the marketplace:

  1. Server-based centralized management systems that are developed by hardware manufacturers
  2. Sensor-based monitoring systems that provide reports and statistics but limited or no active security countermeasures
  3. Policy-based firewalls that enforce rules on wire-line traffic but which can't reach out into the wireless LAN
  4. Systems that depend on access points serving a dual role by providing client connectivity and wireless monitoring
  5. AirTight SpectraGuard (which stands alone) by providing comprehensive performance monitoring and reporting along with in-depth security monitoring, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, wireless threat mitigation and active countermeasures (active blocking of unauthroized devices) - no other single solution brings this breadth and depth of capability to your wireless LAN.

You'll implement the AirTight SpectraGuard system because all the other WiFi security and performance monitoring systems provide only a subset of what AirTight provides and NO OTHER SOLUTION combines comprehensive performance monitoring with the ability to create a WIPS Security Perimeter that will block unauthorized devices even if they're not in any way wired into your network. The engineering team at Connect802 has evaluated all of the major security and performance management solutions on the market today and is absolutely convinced that AirTight provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective, easy-to-implement and best-in-class solution to all requirements for wireless LAN security monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, threat mitigation, performance monitoring and reporting.

How you will decide that AirTight SpectraGuard provides the best solution:

Don't just take Connect802's word for it; get on the Web and do your due-dilligence with some web searching. Search for competitors that offer wireless network performance monitoring systems. See who else is providing wireless intrusion prevention, rogue access point detection and client device classification. You'll find that ONLY AIRTIGHT offers ALL OFF THE FOLLOWING:

  • Operation with 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n and 5 GHz a/n including 20 MHz and 40 MHz channels
  • Evaluation of 802.11 configuration parameters and performance with automatic alerting for abnormal events and textual recommendations for optimization
  • Comprehensive, automated reporting and graphing with the ability to schedule report delivery via email
  • HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GLBA, MITS and DoD regulatory compliance reporting with the ability to automatically schedule on-going compliance scans at predetermined intervals
  • Device classification that allows the application of security policies based on the type of user device (iPhone, notebook computer, etc.)
  • Location tracking that not only allows you to find a threat or badly performing client but that also allows policies to be set based on whether or not device is within a particular area (as defined by the strength of the device's signal, but not through GeoFencing; AirTight does not provide GeoFencing capabilities in the current release).
  • "Drill down" capability that allows decomposition of statistics into the devices making up the statistics and then the detail metrics related to the device itself
  • Textual remediation and mitigation strategies and "next steps" automatically provided by the system to help the network administrator understand what the recommended action is for any reported event
  • Active blocking of rogue APs whether they're connected to your wired Ethernet network or not. Conventional "rogue access point" blocking depends on the WIPS software's ability to send SNMP management frames to the Ethernet switch to which a detected rogue AP is attached, thereby turning off the APs Ethernet access. AirTight actively blocks unauthorized access point OR client devices OVER THE AIR whether the unauthroized devices is connected to your network or in the building next door (and, by the way, AirTight SpectraGuard can be configured so it only blocks your neighbor's access points from within YOUR building and NOT in the neighbor's building (and, you'll find that no other security and performance monitoring system has that capability.)
  • Over 200 threat signatures in conjunction with numerous threshold-based alarms and alerts PLUS intelligent threat assessment to effectively eliminate almost 100% of false-positive alerts.

When you compare the competitors to the AirTight SpectraGuard solution you're going to find that ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SOLUTION combines all of these capabilities into a single, cohesive security and monitoring system with the ability to create a WIPS security perimeter with active countermeasures and threat mitigation.

Where you will see the greatest value with SpectraGuard:

First of all, there is ZERO capital expense required to implement the AirTight SpectraGuard system. You pay a monthly fee (invoiced on an annual basis) for the system and you pay ZERO DOLLARS for all of the sensor hardware and for the cloud-based WIPS and performance monitoring software system. Of course, you could elect to purchase the sensors and server platform up-front as a capital expense but you're then taking on the responsibility of managing and maintaining a non-trivial software server to run the SpectraGuard system and you're seeing a 100% cash outflow from day one as opposed to eliminating the up-front cost of the server completely and annualizing the monthly service fee for the sensors.

When you are ready to buy an AirTight solution:

Contact your Connect802 sales representative (simply call us and ask for "sales" for nationwide service). We'll discuss your requirements and provide you with the answers you need to make a purchasing decision. Connect802 can also provide hands-on support directly to your IT team to help in the setup and configuration of your system.

Pricing for AirTight sensors includes the sensor hardware, access to the AirTight on-line control panel and management system, technical support from AirTight and full hardware warranty.
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AirTight SpectraGuard
Equipment and Software Details


AirTight SpectraGuard WLAN Security and Performance Monitoring Features

Comprehensive Wireless LAN Performance Statistics and Automatic Reporting

Organizations increasingly rely on wireless LANs to support business-critical applications and enable corporate mobility. Maximizing uptime and managing for optimum performance of the wireless infrastructure is critical.

AirTight Network’s proactive WLAN performance management and troubleshooting solution is unique allowing network administrators to plan, monitor, analyze and troubleshoot the network to understand potential wireless problems such as coverage holes, RF interference, inefficient use of bandwidth, poor throughput, poor QoS for VoWiFi and sub-optimal 802.11n operation to name a few. An overlay of wireless scanners continuously monitors the airspace; centralized correlation of wireless and wired traffic allows accurate diagnosis of performance anomalies.

Instead of reacting to end-user complaints and performance problems after they have impacted business operation, administrators can take proactive measures to prevent problems. Remote troubleshooting allows administrators to quickly deconstruct problematic symptoms into causes and resolve them. With SpectraGuard you can obtain real-time network audits to assist in performance troubleshooting while monitoring the overall health of the wireless LAN.

Performance monitoring features include:

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Live RF coverage heat maps
  • Configurable alerts (Bandwidth, Configuration, RF Coverage, Interference)
  • Compliance reports for Sarbanes-Oxley, HPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliely, PCI and DoD 8200.2
  • Summary of performance related issues, list of latest performance issues
  • Event charts, trends, analysis (Bandwidth, configuration, coverage, RF interference)
  • Top locations with performance problems (for multiple buildings or sites)
  • Best/worst performing devices and access points
  • Average data rate
  • Average traffic volume
  • Capacity/bandwidth utilization
  • Number of associations per AP
  • Frame fragmentation
  • CRC Errors
  • High utilization alert
  • Low average data rate alert
  • Excessive client associations to a single AP
  • 802.11 configuration parameter assessment
  • Unexpected drop in signal strength of authorized AP
  • Excessive 802.11 Probe Requests from authorized client
  • High levels of non-WiFi interference
  • Crowding of APs or clients on a single channel
  • Interference with Authorized AP
  • RF Audit Report
  • Bandwidth Audit Report
  • Configuration Audit Report
  • Trend analysis reports
  • Scheduled eMail report delivery

SpectraGuard Enterprise can also alert administrators of wireless LAN performance problems before they impact end users. It classifies performance issues into various categories such as configuration (e.g., incorrect channel allocation, sub-optimal 802.11n protocol settings), bandwidth (e.g., poor utilization, low average data rate, excessive overhead), and RF (e.g., non Wi-Fi interference, channel crowding). Remote troubleshooting including remote “live packet capture” from a central console allows network administrators to resolve problems at remote sites quickly without sending IT staff to those locations.


Unauthorized Access Point Detection and Blocking

Unlike conventional rogue access point identification systems ("Wireless Intrusion Detection"; WIDS) that simply identify the presence of access points that aren't part of your controlled network, AirTight SpectraGuard classifies and can block these unauthorized devices. SpectraGuard automatically identifies access points that are connected to your wired Ethernet and differentiates them from access points that are simply visible "in the air". You immediately know whether someone has plugged an unauthorized AP into your wired LAN (a "rogue" AP) or if an access point is offering connections to users but it's not connected to your wired LAN. In both cases the access point is classified and automatically handled in compliance with your security policies.


Location Tracking for All Clients and Access Points

SpectraGuard can pinpoint the physical location of a vulnerable or threat-posing device allowing
security administrators to track down and physically remove the device in question. SpectraGuard can also pinpoint the location of a client device, particularly those that are reported as having exceeded an alert threshold. It can provide both real-time and historical location details for a device. AirTight’s self-calibrating sensors enable accurate location tracking without the need to conduct a lengthy and time-consuming "training" survey for the system.


The SpectraGuard WIPS Security Perimeter

The creation of a wireless security perimeter around your network combines accurate device classification with specific access policies that are enforced within a defined range. One common application of the WIPS Security Perimeter is to block all WiFi inside your building that is not authenticating to your authorized WLAN. This prevents the use of cellular WiFi hotspots or connection to external wireless LANS (2WIRE, Starbucks next door, etc.). Any WiFi device (both access point or mobile WiFi user) that is unauthorized or in violation of usage policies is quarantined and blocked from making any type of WiFi connection.

The Wireless Intrusion Protection System provides identification and mitigation for:

  • Rogue Access Point Identification and Blocking
  • BYOD Policy Enforcement
  • External Access Points and Users (Including Ad Hoc User Devices)
  • Phishing, Honeypot's, MAC Spoofing Attacks
  • Password Cracking Exploits, Denial of Service Attacks
  • Automated quarantine and remediation (including wireless blocking)

Wireless LAN Forensics

Forensics deals with the capture, recording and analysis of wireless network events to discover information about the source of security attacks and performance issues. AirTight SpectraGuard allows highly granular "drill down" from general statistics and alert logs to the devices and access points involved to the details of each device's behavior on the WLAN. You can isolate and describe security and performance issues and you can implement active countermeasures to block wireless connectivity for those devices that you either select or which are automatically selected based on your policy and threshold criteria.


Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

If you are a merchant accepting credit cards and you have a wireless network at your site (whether or not its part of your credit card processing system) the WLAN must be in compliance with PCI Security Council standards. If you use electronic health and patient records your wireless network must be HIPAA-compliant and if you're in the corporate sector the SOX or GLBA regulations apply to your wireless LAN. AirTight provides automatic compliance reporting that is designed to expose any areas of concern within the regulatory realm in which you operate. These reports can be scheduled for automatic, periodic generation with delivery via email. In addition, if you identify a situation that is non-compliant you have the capability of actively blocking the unauthorized or non-compliant devices and eliminating them from the equation.

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Targeted Discussion and Specifications For The AirTight Wireless Intrusion Prevention and WLAN Performance Monitoring System


Hosted WIPS Implementation (from WikiPedia)

In a hosted WIPS implementation, Sensors are installed inside a private network. However, the Server is hosted in secure data center and is accessible on the internet. Users can access the WIPS Console from anywhere on the internet. A hosted WIPS implementation is as secure as a network implementation because the data flow is encrypted between Sensors and Server, as well as between Server and Console. A hosted WIPS implementation requires very little configuration because the Sensors are programmed to automatically look for the Server on the internet over a secure SSL connection.

For a large organization with locations that are not a part of a private network, a hosted WIPS implementation simplifies deployment significantly because Sensors connect to the Server over the internet without requiring any special configuration. Additionally, the Console can be accessed securely from anywhere on the internet.

Hosted WIPS implementations are available in an on-demand, subscription-based Software as a Service model. Hosted implementations may be appropriate for organizations looking to fulfill the minimum scanning requirements of PCI DSS.