Buy AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer, AirMagnet SurveyPro and AirMagnet Planner for 802.11abg and 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless network design consulting and on-site Wi-Fi survey work.

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When you buy AirMagnet software from Connect802 you're not just buying from a warehouse. Our field engineers use the AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer, AirMagnet SurveyPro, and the AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer when performing on-site RF spectrum analysis and 802.11 Wi-Fi network analysis.

Buy AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer and SurveyPro from Connect802 to Take Advantage of our Wi-Fi Design and Consulting Experience

Connect802 can dispatch an engineer to your site for on-site AirMagnet consulting and troubleshooting. We can perform a post-installation site verification with on-site AirMagnet SurveyPro consulting. Our RF engineers are experts at interpreting and evaluating the characteristics of the RF spectrum disclosed with the AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer. We can dispatch an engineer to perform on-site RF spectrum analysis consulting services using the AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer.

...and - when you want to purchase AirMagnet products - Connect802 is your AirMagnet reseller!

The AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer provides an all-in-one solution for Wi-Fi security, performance, spectrum analysis, and compliance for Enterprise Wi-Fi networks. The solution detects over 130 types of WLAN problems and includes a suite of troubleshooting tools to resolve problems. A built-in reporting engine generates over 50 professional reports including regulatory compliance reports. Also Laptop Analyzer now integrates with the AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer (Laptop PRO only).

802.11n specific tools and alarms are available in the PRO version only. All other tools and security/performance alarms are available in both the Standard and PRO version.

Professional wireless networks depend on the presence of a strong reliable physical layer as the basis of communication. However, this basic requirement can be a challenge for Wi-Fi networks, which must share the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum with a variety of potentially interfering technologies. The AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer solves this problem with an intuitive solution that allows IT staff to easily look into the Wi-Fi spectrum, specifically identify sources of interference, and track them to their physical source. AirMagnet is consistently the choice of certified Wi-Fi engineers.
Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The AirMagnet Value Proposition

Why you will choose the AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer, RF Spectrum Analyzer and SurveyPro Site-Survey Tool:

If you're an 802.11 wireless LAN support engineer or part of a company's IT staff responsible for an 802.11 WLAN there are two analysis and troubleshooting tools that you absolutely must have: an 802.11 packet-level analyzer and an RF spectrum analyzer. The 802.11 packet-level analyzer captures and decodes the contents of transmitted data, management, and control packets giving the engineer a view into the operational behavior, configuration, and data carrying aspects of the WLAN. The RF spectrum analyzer measures and records signal energy levels and how they vary and interact at different frequencies in the transmission band. This gives the engineer a view of the signal and noise in the environment allowing an analysis of signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio, carrier-to-interference ratio, and the impact of signal reflection, refraction, diffraction, diffusion, attenuation, and general scattering.

You will choose the AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer because you need a packet-level analyzer with a wide range of features. You will choose the AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer because you need to assess noise, interference, and the RF environment using an RF spectrum analyzer.

If your requirements include post-installation verification and validation of proper signal coverage then the AirMagnet SurveyPro tool will allow you to easily create visual "heat maps" of signal coverage, noise, coverage zones, and a variety of verification measurements and report presentations.

How you will decide that AirMagnet provides the best solution:

AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer is the industry's most popular tool for auditing and troubleshooting enterprise Wi-Fi networks. It is the de-facto standard for WLAN survey, analysis, and troubleshooting. The user interface is extensive but well laid-out and the features are intuitive. The key deciding factors in favor of an AirMagnet solution are the scope and depth of analysis and report features (that go far beyond the competitors) and the seamless integration between packet-level analysis, RF spectrum analysis, and post-installation verification surveys that come from the integration of AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer, AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer, and AirMagnet SurveyPro applications.

Where you will see the greatest value with AirMagnet:

When you need a packet-level analyzer to troubleshoot a problem or assess WLAN behavior there is no other tool that you can use to address the issue. When you need an RF spectrum analyzer to assess environmental electromagnetic characteristics there is no other tool that you can use to address the issue. When you need to perform a post-installation verification and you need to be able to generate coverage "heat maps" then you must have a survey tool. In all three situations you'll see that the features and capabilities of the AirMagnet product line are absolutely top-of-the-line. You'll have the right tool for the job and your investment will be money well spent.

When you are ready to buy a/an AirMagnet solution:

Connect802 intimately understands the applications for AirMagnet products because when Connect802 dispatches an RF engineer to an on-site engagement they're using AirMagnet products to perform their work. When you buy AirMagnet products from Connect802 you're not just buying from a distribution warehouse - you're buying from someone who, just like you, demands the right tools for WLAN design, support, and troubleshooting.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
AirMagnet Software and Equipment Details

AirMagnet's Wireless LAN Analyzer products provide WLAN administration, installation surveying, security assessment, connection troubleshooting and performance management functions. The most significant recommendation that we can make regarding the AirMagnet Wi-Fi and spectrum analysis tools is this:

Connect802 field engineers use the AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer, AirMagnet SurveyPro, and the AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer site survey tools when performing channel and noise assessments, RF spectrum analysis, and post-installation site verification.


The AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer

AirMagnet's Laptop Analyzer is the industry's most popular mobile field tool for troubleshooting enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Laptop Analyzer helps IT staff make sense of end-user complaints to quickly resolve performance problems, while automatically detecting security threats and other network vulnerabilities. Although compact, Laptop Analyzer has many of the feature-rich qualities of a dedicated, policy-driven wireless LAN monitoring system.

  • Automatically Detect Rogues and Network Vulnerabilities
  • Lockdown Security Policies
  • Perform Live, Interactive Network Tests
  • Understand the Impact of 802.11n
  • Model and Optimize 802.11n Networks
  • Detailed Packet and Frame Analysis
  • The AirWISE Expert System
  • Generate Compliance Reports

The AirMagnet Handheld Analyzer

AirMagnet's Handheld Analyzer is a convenient, inexpensive way to solve serious problems in the enterprise wireless LAN. The Handheld Analyzer helps IT staff make sense of end-user complaints to quickly resolve performance problems, while automatically detecting hundreds of security threats and other network vulnerabilities.

The Handheld Analyzer offers a zero-tolerance approach to Rogue Management, enabling you to detect and block rogues wirelessly or at the wired port. The convenient "Find Tool" locks on to a particular AP or station and guides you to the physical location of a device, enabling you to quickly track down Rogue APs and non-complying devices. Also use the Find Tool to align signals between antennas to quickly optimize reception in line-of-sight bridging.

Handheld Analyzer provides GPS coordinates with your alarms to help you quickly pinpoint the location of security and performance issues in your outdoor 802.11 b/g network.


AirMagnet SurveyPro

Today's wireless service providers, managed-service providers, and network infrastructure vendors all consider site surveys a mandatory and vital part of the wireless LAN deployment process. AirMagnet has addressed these requirements with the industry's most accurate WLAN planning solution that stands apart from other market planning solutions by enabling enterprises to collect live signal, packet and spectrum data during their site surveys. This allows enterprises to simulate and measure network performance in the most scientific way possible—with the most accurate depiction of a real-world user experience-which ultimately results in a better performing network.

  • Perform Active and Passive Surveys
  • Perform Accurate Network Simulations
  • Visualize Survey Differences
  • Maximize Security
  • Perform Active Network Test
  • 802.11n Surveying and Deployment
  • 802.11n Coverage Maps
  • Access the AirWISE Expert
  • Professional Reporting
  • Visualize Signal Bleeding between Floors
  • Perform Outdoor Surveys

The AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer

AirMagnet's Spectrum Analyzer proactively identifies, classifies, and finds sources of RF interferences that impact the performance of Wi-Fi networks. Unlike earlier generations of spectrum analyzers, AirMagnet's Spectrum Analyzer provides an IT-friendly user interface. The system automatically identifies the specific types of devices that are causing RF interference and tracks them to their physical location, enabling network managers to resolve issues quickly and easily.

Spectrum Analyzer provides a rich set of real-time graphical displays to help you analyze your RF spectrum. Build your own customized diagnostic view from 12 available plots and charts such as: Real-time FFT Plot, FFT Duty Cycle Plot, Swept Spectrogram Plot, Power vs. Frequency Plot, Power vs. Time Plot, Active Device Chart, Devices vs. Channel Chart, Devices vs. Time Chart, Channel Utilization Chart, Channel Utilization vs. Time Chart, SNR Chart and Interference Power Chart. Each plot can be further customized to display only the specific data that you require. The easy-to-use Windows interface makes it easy to drill-down on information and move from one type of RF spectrum analysis to another.


The Distributed AirMagnet Enterprise System

AirMagnet Enterprise provides a simple, scalable wlan monitoring solution that enables any organization to proactively mitigate all types of wireless threats, enforce enterprise policies, prevent performance problems and audit the regulatory compliance of all their WiFi assets and users worldwide. The enterprise wlan monitoring solution offers complete visibility and control over the wireless airspace, enabling any enterprise to reliably deliver the same standards of security performance and compliance for their wireless networks as they expect from their wired networks.

AirMagnet Enterprise consists of three major components: SmartEdge Sensors, which collect and analyze data about your wireless/RF environment, a centralized server that correlates events and integrates with other systems, and the Enterprise console software, which provides the user-interface.

Smart-Edge Sensors for AirMagnet Enterprise

Enterprise is the only solution in the world to use intelligent sensors to collect and analyze every wireless packet, device, and conversation for security and performance problems, which provides many significant benefits and cost advantages.

  • Sensors communicate with the central server via SSL, enabling you to monitor multiple physical locations—anywhere in the world—from one central console.
  • Data is analyzed locally—within the sensors themselves—minimizing bandwidth usage on your WLAN. Only the alarms and data that require attention are sent over the wireless LAN.
  • The central server performs event correlation and anomaly detection from multiple sensors—from all remote sites—providing the deepest analytics possible.
  • Sensors can trace across multiple switches, ensuring every corner of your WLAN is secure from threats.
  • Zero-configuration set up enables plug-and-play sensor deployment.
  • Upgrading software is easy: Simply download updates to your console and your sensors will update automatically.
  • One Enterprise server supports a virtually unlimited number of sensors, so scaling up is easy and cost-effective.
  • Sensors keep data collection and analysis going during network outages.
Additional AirMagnet Options

The AirMagnet Voice-over-Wi-Fi Analyzer

AirMagnet's "VoFi" (Voice-over-Wi-Fi) Analyzer is the industry's only solution purpose-built for troubleshooting voice-over-WLAN problems in the field. Unlike traditional voice over Wi-Fi solutions, VoFi Analyzer enables staff to measure call quality in real-time, automatically detect and troubleshoot the sources of voice problems, even on fully encrypted wireless networks. VoFi Analyzer addresses all aspects of wireless voice and diagnoses issues rooted in the end-user's phone, QoS problems, RF problems, WLAN problems and even wired network problems associated with Voice over Wi-Fi. AirMagnet VoFi PRO provides additional integration with leading voice solutions from Cisco, Spectralink and Vocera for complete end-to-end call analysis.


AirMagnet for Aruba Networks

The AirMagnet Enterprise Analyzer for Aruba is a software-only Wi-Fi troubleshooting and help-desk solution designed specifically for Aruba's Mobile Edge Architecture. The Enterprise Analyzer software works with existing Aruba controllers and access points to collect Wi-Fi data for expert analysis. AirMagnet's signature AirWISE engine automatically pinpoints more than 130 classes of wireless factors that can impact network performance, then generates each with detailed explanations of events and advice on corrective actions. Network managers can also remotely troubleshoot wireless problems in real-time without having to travel on-site. The result is a much faster and cost-effective way to solve wireless issues while making the most efficient use of WLAN hardware resources.


AirMagnet for Cisco Networks

The AirMagnet software runs on most any Windows desktop or laptop PC. The software connects to any available Cisco Wireless LAN Controller to receive wireless traffic for analysis. The AirMagnet Analyzer continuously works in conjunction with the controller to remotely control AP channel scanning for optimal packet capture. This coordination provides end-users with the same quality of analysis as if they were on-site with a stand alone AirMagnet Analyzer

At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

Targeted Discussion and Specifications For The AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer, SurveyPro, and Spectrum Analyzer

You'll find numerous Web references and reviews of the AirMagnet products. Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how an AirMagnet solution can be implemented to meet your requirements for a secure, easy-to-manage wireless LAN system.
AirMagnet's Laptop Analyzer
AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer is the industry's "de-facto" tool for managing enterprise Wi-Fi networks. At the heart of the Laptop Analyzer is the AirWISE engine, which automatically detects the root-cause of dozens of security and performance problems, explains alarms in plain English, and offers recommendations on how to solve or manage complex issues. The Analyzer provides instant visibility into all wireless channels, devices, conversations, speeds, interference issues and the RF spectrum, making it the ideal product for pre-deployment and post-deployment of Wi-Fi Networks. It helps address universal challenges that face new technologies or deployments and minimizes the IT Manager's struggle with the impact on new or existing networks. As always, AirMagnet delivers a solution that is user-friendly to IT professionals, network managers, security/compliance officers, and wireless LAN experts.

Automatically Detect Vulnerabilities
AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer automatically identifies hundreds of performance problems, such as 802.11n mis-configurations, 802.11b/g conflicts, 802.11e problems, and QOS, as well as dozens of wireless intrusions and hacking strategies, including Rogue devices, Denial-of-Service attacks, Dictionary Attacks, Faked APs, RF Jamming, "Stumbler" tools, and many more. Laptop Analyzer also offers a convenient "Find Tool" that enables you to quickly track down rogue APs and non-complying devices that compromise network security. Also use Find Tool to align signals between antennas to quickly optimize reception in line-of-sight bridging.

Lockdown Security Policies
AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer enables you to set detailed security policies for all devices in your network. Designate your encryption and authentication methods then monitor your wireless LAN to check all devices for compliance with those policies. Also validate that the encryption methods themselves function correctly over the WLAN. Establish an even higher level of organized security by designating a list of approved APs for client access, and monitoring for exposed wireless stations, ad-hoc devices, and other vulnerabilities.

Perform Live, Interactive Network Tests
In addition to the issues that the AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer automatically locates for you, a suite of active troubleshooting tools are available at your fingertips to help you quickly pinpoint network problems - 802.11n mis-configurations, RF interferences, traffic/infrastructure overloads, hardware failures, connectivity issues and more. Test connections with traditional tools such as DHCP, ping, and traceroute or use AirMagnet's Diagnostic Tool to view the step-by-step progress of a connection between a client and AP to pinpoint exactly where the process has broken down. Run AP performance tests to identify mismatched settings in the network, coverage, multi-path interference, jitter and roaming. The WLAN Throughput Simulator and the Device Throughput Calculator tools help users make that critical purchase decision on how they can phase 802.11n devices into their existing 802.11a/b/g network.

Monitor 802.11n Networks
AirMagnet Laptop Laptop Analyzer identifies and classifies all 802.11n capable devices in the network (including differentiating between standards-compliant and pre-standard 802.11n devices). It supports monitoring for 20 MHz and 40 MHz channels and also detects and classifies higher data rates used by the 802.11n devices. Using the Analyzer, users can classify/decode Non-HT and HT format traffic and physically locate 802.11n rogue devices operating in the environment (which are often invisible to non-802.11n analyzers). The Analyzer shows how to get true 11n performance that rivals what 11n can do in theory and enables a smooth migration into 802.11n for the user by recognizing and resolving conflicts between new 802.11n devices and legacy a/b/g devices.

Understand impact of 802.11n
AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer PRO's Learning Assistant provides explanations in plain, straightforward language on key technologies behind the 802.11n protocol. This helps the user understand technologies required to optimize their 802.11n infrastructure for maximum throughput and reliability. Users can visualize the implications of using/not using a particular feature of the 802.11n standard. AirMagnet's intelligent AirWISE engine alerts users to co-existence issues with legacy devices, QOS issues, etc. and suggests methods to fix them and best practices to avoid their re-occurrence in the future. Using AirWISE, AirMagnet users can solve 802.11n problems without decoding all packets and memorizing the entire 802.11n standard. Note: Analyzer's Learning Assistant and the 802.11n alarms are available in the PRO version only.

Model & Optimize 802.11n networks
The AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer includes the new 11n Performance Toolkit, a first-of-a-kind feature set that let users quickly see how best to deploy 11n technology and maximize the real-world performance of the network. The toolkit is available in AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer PRO only. 802.11n Device Throughput Calculator tool to calculate and compare the expected performance metrics for an 802.11n Access Point based on user input for 802.11n parameters. Every enterprise must use this tool before purchasing their 802.11n APs to understand the capabilities and limitations for their access points network performance.

WLAN Throughput Simulator tool captures the existing infrastructure environment and calculates the network throughput and overhead under user-specified conditions. It also allows the simulation of new APs or stations with specific capabilities and visualization of the impact on performance. Every enterprise must use this tool before making that decision to introducing 802.11n devices in their network.
Efficiency and Analysis tools to help users get the maximum value out of their 802.11n infrastructure, by analyzing conversations between the AP and station and pin-pointing areas where the 802.11n high throughput options are not being well used. The tools also go further and provide solutions on fixing those areas. AirMagnet Laptop integrates with Iperf - a free, open-source software tool for network performance analysis - to analyze uplink and downlink network performance including bandwidth, throughput, 20/40 MHz traffic, data rates, etc.

Perform Continual Wi-Fi Interference Analysis
Interference can stem from a variety of sources including competition from other Wi-Fi devices, so-called "hidden nodes" in the network, and even non-802.11 wireless devices. The Laptop Analyzer's Interference Page tracks all these components of interference and plainly displays them by channel. This enables you to quickly see the impact of competing Wi-Fi devices, identify any hidden nodes affecting the channel, and track noise in the RF environment. Laptop PRO users can also integrate with the AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer* to identify non-802.11 sources of interference for even deeper Layer 1 analysis.

Detailed Packet and Frame Analysis
AirMagnet Laptop Laptop Analyzer shows real-time packet flows for any Wi-Fi asset. Track data and management packets live, watch CRC errors, utilization, packet speed, media type and more. View a real-time decode page for detailed network analysis: Laptop Analyzer decodes the most popular protocols such as FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, and Telnet, with advanced filtering options that allow you to focus on particular conversations based on IP address or port number.

Access the AirWISE Expert
AirWISE is your encyclopedia source for understanding the threats and performance issues at work in your Wi-Fi environment. All system alarms are explained for you in plain-English detail, including why they are important and what steps you should take to resolve issues.

Generate Compliance Reports with AirMagnet Laptop PRO
AirMagnet provides detailed compliance reports for a variety of regulatory standards including Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, EU-CRD (Cad 3), ISO 27001, FISMA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, DoD 8100.2, and GLBA. Reports provide a step-by-step pass/fail assessment of each section of the standard, enabling you to complete work in a fraction of the time. Laptop Analyzer also offers an integrated reporting tool that enables you to turn your Wi-Fi analysis sessions into professional customized reports. Choose from a library of pre-built reports or generate your own targeted reports by selecting specific items of interest from the user interface, such as RF statistics, channel reports, device reports, or security and performance issue reports.

Multiple Form Factor Support
AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer can be installed on a variety of platforms including Windows-based Laptops, Tablet PCs, Apple MacBook Pro and Ultra Mobile PCs. UMPC support enables end-users and resellers - for the first time - to monitor, audit and troubleshoot all aspects of the WLAN with a PC that can fit in their pocket. It gives users the flexibility of walking about the physical premises to audit and troubleshoot enterprise Wi-Fi networks using a light-weight handheld solution. AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer is supported on the OQO Model 02/e2 UMPC. Click here for more details on the OQO model 02/e2 UMPC.

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